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meishengchaoIcondomestic wood flooring02:56 15.11.16 

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Wu Jun said that Chinese enterprises in the United States "double reverse" case in full victory, continue to maintain the previous 5% of the tariff is almost impossible. Now domestic enterprises are actively responding to the main want to fight for the most favorable tax rate, but even if tariffs from 242% to 20%,wood plastic composite sheathing in Boise Chinese enterprises can not afford, because the profits are generally exported to the United States between 5% to 10%. Therefore, once lost, it means that the domestic wood flooring enterprises in the last one or two years basically give up the US market.

Listed companies Coroneco 1 September 2010, exports of US products amounted to 73.4531 million yuan turnover, accounting for 33.84% of the main income, combined with the 2009 912.799 landscaping ideas for backyard patio pavillion million yuan exports, the company surveyed the total amount of products involved About 165 million yuan.

Coronation Wood (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., a staff member, said the impact is not to say now, but the company executives are very concerned about the "double reverse" case. Enterprises scratch resistant vinyl railing porch have started to deal with Jiangsu Senmao Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd.currently produces 60% of wood flooring exports, of which exports to the United States accounted for about 50% of the US Department of Commerce announced the export volume in the fourth.

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