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xiao1236IconDurable flooring unique environmental technology06:55 03.11.16 

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Environmental protection is the Golden Eagle Iger has been relentless pursuit of large European-style flooring in the solid wood flooring is more environmentally friendly in the end. The surface of the floor is coated with essential oils from Denmark without any paint. The main ingredients are castor oil and coconut oil, which can not cause physical injury even if children eat it.
Essential oil coating can also make the floor to maintain a good permeability, better maintain the elasticity of the wood so that wood can maintain a healthy state, so that the floor has a very soft color, look harmonious, natural, and show better The firmness of the floor.
High-quality living room to start from the high-quality, high-quality rooms to be even more high-grade home improvement icing on the cake, in the international trend of turbulent today, European-style large floor can give you a noble and elegant indoor environment, Of the room are blooming every corner of the infinite glory, you will truly experience the magnificent European-style home to enjoy
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