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meishengchaoIconCirculation Association Flooring03:02 11.10.16 

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The industry believes that the introduction of new standards may become a watershed in the flooring industry, some brands in this test to plastic wood for contruction accept survival challenges.

The new standard includes color fastness to light,above ground swimming pools with decks pictures color, wear-resistant grade, formaldehyde emission, packaging and other aspects of identity have made new provisions. The most concern is that the new increase in the formaldehyde emission of laminate flooring classification criteria, which is divided into E1 level composite wood decking durability and E0 level two standard grades.

Formaldehyde emission E0 level is the standard of similar products in Europe, and the implementation of new standards, we buy wood flooring will be "lawful." In the China Timber Circulation Association Flooring Committee executive vice president of high Zhihua view,deck planter box plans free the entire laminate flooring industry, the new standard may be a catalyst for industry reshuffle.

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