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meishengchaoIconcork flooring sales11:48 30.09.16 

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The two layers of cork are specially treated, and the stretchability and high-density board keep in synchronization, which greatly enhances the stability of the floor.industrial non slip composite decking In the mouth on the unique use of the latest locking technology, assembled out of the floor is a whole, no deformation, no cracking.

The first cork flooring factory in Beijing to Germany's home wood company will be compared to "sandwich" cork flooring, and officially registered trademark. "Sandwich" cork flooring due to the upper and lower layers of cork,hollow plastic lumber floors damping mute effect is more prominent. Because the surface is coated with high wear-resistant UV paint, not only reflects the texture of cork, but also play a very good protective effect. At present, the major building materials market are cork flooring sales, the main brands are a family of Germany,plastic playground railroad ties Shu step.

A soft, Jiaogan good, anti - fatigue of the new cork floor recently appeared in Changsha building materials market. According to reports, cork flooring is the bonding of cork particles,steel outdoor floor decking in singapore after multi-channel processing after cutting from the floor. There are two kinds of cork flooring: the natural color is composed of cork particles size, different colors of wear-resistant paint composition;

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