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chenchen12495IconBuy laminate flooring Precautions04:52 19.09.16 

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Wear revolution: This is an important indicator of the quality of laminate flooring. Objectively speaking, the higher the number of revolutions wear, use floor time should be longer, but the level of wear values ​​are not the only measure of life standard floor. Under normal circumstances, the number of wear-resistant flooring to reach 10,000 into superior products, less than 1 million transfer products, may have varying degrees of wear and tear in the use of 1 to 3 years after.

After the water swelling rate: less than 3% of this indicator can be considered as qualified, otherwise, in the face of wet floor, or relatively high humidity, the case surrounding Mifengbuyan, there will be distortion phenomenon, affecting the normal use.

Formaldehyde content: This is a product related to our choice whether harmful key indicators, but can easily be overlooked by consumers. In accordance with European standards, the formaldehyde content per 100 grams of the floor no later than 9 mg, if more than 9 mg of the case of substandard products.

Floor thickness: the thickness of the floor on the market is generally 6 to 12 mm, the choice should be thicker to some as well. The thicker, life would be relatively longer, but taking into account the actual needs of the family.

Assembling effects: take two floor model assembled at whether assembled after watching neat, tight.

Flooring Weight: the weight of the floor depends on the density of the substrate. Base determines the stability of the floor of various indicators, and impact resistance, and therefore the better the base, the higher the density, the more weight the floor.

Formal certificates and inspection reports: Consumers in the choice of the floor, be sure to find out whether the business-related certificates and quality inspection reports. Generally include the relevant certificate of origin certificate flooring, laminate flooring European Association (EPLF) certificate, ISO9001 international quality certification, ISO14001 international environmental certification, and other relevant quality certificates.

Environmental performance: the problem is that consumers are generally concerned about the environmental performance of the floor. When you select the floor first consideration should be the product of environmental protection, followed by the other product performance, and price. We look for the presence or absence can be related to green certificates to confirm whether the floor is environmentally friendly products.

Service: laminate flooring generally require professional installers use specialized tools for installation, so consumers must ask whether businesses have a professional installation team, as well as the availability of regular warranty certificate and warranty card.

Face appeared on the market many brands of laminate flooring products, in fact, consumers do not get confused, just start from the aspects of quality, color, environmental performance, as well as after-sales service, will be able to choose to meet their own needs floor.

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