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chenchen12495Iconmiddle and low floor price02:15 14.09.16 

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City Express News yesterday, the staff of Hangzhou a floor store quietly replaced the variety of floor price tag, by contrast,plastic wood composite particle board netherlands Okan and other middle and low floor price has not been a big change. March 23, wood floors will consumption tax after the news came out, once caused panic buying craze.

After this week, cheap alternatives to privacy fencing the dealer floor began to frantically around the stockpile. A flooring company surnamed Wang Zhejiang buyers are stationed in the vicinity of the factory wood wholesale market Shanghai Wen Chuan Road, rented temporary shelter, keep an eye on the supply. Hoarding high-grade solid wood flooring business as not many affordable solid wood flooring market is not expected along the flooring business direction,fleur de lis outdoor wall panel since the end of March occurred in Hangzhou overdraft consumer panic buying affordable solid wood flooring nearly five months of .

After mid-April, maintenance free wood plastic composite fence Mexico the market is rapidly cooled, May 1 Golden Week, in spite of all kinds of promotional activities have the floor, but the market still can not be restored to the level of a year earlier. It is good good good market a floor store owner said.

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