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meishengchaoIconworld on the floor09:25 05.09.16 

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Global business leaders see the market floor Wengshao Bin, president of any discussion group leader March 23, 2010, more than 500 Chinese and foreign top floor profession from the United States, Europe, Japan, Brazil, India, South Africa and other world gathered cost of floor for outside decks Jordan at the World Shanghai Pudong Assembly floor, floor to discuss global trade, standards

technologies and products environmentally friendly park bench composite as well as marketing and other issues, especially in cost per square foot cedar fence materials the current situation and developing trend of low-carbon economy and the global economy has been hit hard by the financial crisis in the background of the flooring industry.

Power Dekor Weng total in the world on the floor of the General Assembly proposed restricting the development of the flooring industry five issues and the future of the three growth market. Over the past decade the rapid development of wood floor, composite fencing products sale take a remarkable achievement, but there have been the following five questions: First, the rapid growth and international development had a serious lack of talent, management and technical innovation in all aspects of the lack of personnel;

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