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supodumIconPetr Cech FIFA 17 Rating Prediction04:11 29.07.16 

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When Arsenal signed Cech from Chelsea last summer, that put them in a foreign position: title favorites. They have players like Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and others, but they hadnít had anything other than an average keeper in recent years. Then they got Cech and were pushed into title favorites. If you want to have fifa 17 comfort trade, welcome to our site.

At the end, they finished second but it wasnít close and they should have finished third or fourth if not for the internal explosions from Tottenham and Manchester City.

Cech, after the first match of the season that Arsenal lost to West Ham and Cech could have been viewed at fault for both goals, was everything promised and more. In 34 appearances, he made 16 clean sheets, averaging less than a goal conceded a game with more than two saves a game.

If Chelsea were halfway decent this season and the Leicester miracle didnít happen, Mourinho may have been kicking himself for allowing Cech to take a hometown discount to join Arsenal after his service to Chelsea. A world-class keeper swapped teams in the same city and it was only on a £10million transfer fee.

For his first season in London, FIFA gave Cech an 86. He deserves to stick at that next season, as the second best keeper in the division by way of FIFA ratings. The 34-year-old hasnít missed a step in recent years and will deputize the penalty box at The Emirates for some years to come.

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