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chenchen12495IconFloor maintenance07:11 27.07.16 

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Floor surface oil treatment: water stains on moisture shield decking fence floor oil, if not in time, will produce oil and color and so on. After blowing hot air floor local time, the surface coating will produce cracking phenomenon, floor gap will shrink. Should be protected in the floor was covered with mats. Pet waste timber will produce alkaline corrosion, resulting in discoloration and stains the labor calculator for composite decking floor. Use cleaning agents, water carefully wipe satisfied, then waxing.

Floor surface chemical treatment: the wood deck fence dealer in houston, texas floor buildup on chemicals should be promptly Cleaners / water wipe satisfied. After wiping the floor, the floor surface will reduce gloss, waxing should be timely maintenance.

Floor surface stains treatment: wooden floor is essentially tired of aqueous. As it rain, the floor surface will produce color. After the floor surface of the water, if not in time, will lead to the wood plastic deck for swimming pools floor discoloration, water stains, and cracks and other phenomena. Cracking and other phenomena. Prolonged use of air conditioning, indoor air will become very dry and prone to stretch the floor, leading to floor gap and audible.

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