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vikingsstoreIcontony-sanchez-blue-jays-jersey10:34 04.06.16 

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testsales figures show :by virtue of its new main models Mazda star Cheng three car and a hatchback market sell like hot cakes , Changan Mazda in the first two months of 2012 total sales volume 14508 ,grow 38% compared to the same period ,significantly exceeded the industry average rate of increase .In the flush of calendar year the corresponding period record sales at the same time ,Changan Mazda countrywide user quantity is broken through 300000 close greatly .In 2012,hollister, in the new platform of the Changan Mazda in the user services and what new move ?Into the new pattern ,2012 Changan Mazda for the first service after " ;layout ,since the situation ,breakthrough ,across the " ;four phase ,entered the five anniversary of the establishment of the Changan Mazda " ;and " has quietly upgrade pattern .In moved to its products produced in Nanjing ,Changan and Nanjing factory Mazda to their first " ;zero distance " ;and linkage ,accompanied by the Mazda " ;Chong Chi blue " ;technology pioneer type MazdaCX-5 of the strong debut ,the product line expanded to consists of 5 domestic models and 1 imported SUV models consisting of " ;5+1" the lineup .MazdaCX-5 not only for Changan Mazda provided into high growth market segments of the opportunity ,will also significantly improve the overall brand image .New pattern of Changan Mazda ,timely service to the users of this has always attached great importance to the link of upgrades :not only for all the products the user has launched the " ;3 years 100000 km " ;vehicle extended warranty ,hollister on;ine shop,but also for Mazda star Cheng products users to launch the " ;24 hours a year of free road rescue " ;characteristic service .Among them, extended warranty show Changan Mazda confidence in the quality of products ,to the owners, not only can save repair costs ,hollister,will also improve second-hand car prices ,car in the intangible value-added .In fact ,in 2012 the Changan Mazda development plan based on " ;to customer service for the first " ;basis, to intensify the extended dealer outlets at the same time to upgrade the new operation site service quality .In 2012, Changan Mazda will last not only nationwide dealer service skills competition ,will intensify in the spring and autumn two season for the users of the implementation of " ;when horses are " ;special customer service service activities ,and strive to achieve SSI ( dealer sales service satisfaction ) and CSI ( customer service satisfaction index balanced ) .Feedback 300000 users ," ;full care " ;brand services to hardware and software upgrade under the plan ,in 2012 the Changan Mazda continue to uphold the full care " ;" ,doudoune moncler;brand service concept ,to the national distributor of " ;" software and hardware ;service index put forward higher requirements .To purchase a car user perspective, in car buying date will be the Changan Mazda Customer Relation Center ( CRC ) and Customer Relation Center ( DCRC ) " ;full care ," ;to solve the owner or concern of all problems .In addition ,the DCRC staff regularly remind owners do vehicle maintenance ,make the car more long and safe use, DCRC is also provided with a reserved line ,the owner can choose to shop in time ,and will reserve station ,hollister,ready to repair work order to the owners save time ,mulberry.Hardware, Changan Mazda in the nationwide implementation of standardized build standards and service models ,makes the brand image can be better establishment and promotion ,Changan Mazda dealer special service tools ,general equipment performance in accordance with the Mazda established unified standards ,the Mazda vehicle diagnosis system M-MDS ,can more effectively complete vehicle testing ,diagnosis ,mulberry outlet,improve vehicle a repair rate and satisfaction ,hollister,and to meet the need of repair Mazda new car models .Software, the owner of the daily maintenance and repair process, strict implementation of " Changan Mazda dealer ;full care " ,hollister canada;brand services developed by the 12 step SUG service process ,and make " ,hollister france;a fix, step in place of " ;," ;transparent costs ,credibility to your trust ," ;" ;on time delivery ,cherish your every minute " ;three after sale service commitment .As the Mazda brand plays an important role in China ,Changan Mazda dealer network has been around Tibet included all the provinces ,autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government ;after 54 years of grinding, the " ,abe

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