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wangkikyIconWood export sales decline09:34 12.05.16 

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China wood flooring with inexpensive advantage in the international market began to force other countries to gradually go out of the product, veranda decking installation instructions at its peak accounted for about two percent of the market share, shows China's wood flooring industry in the global market very strong advantage. But in recent years, this situation is going to change. Second, a growing number of international markets began to implement certification.

This is not a small threshold of China's wood flooring businesses. Then there are transport and logistics costs increase, other adverse factors influence the supply of raw material shortages, but also China's wood flooring business operating costs increased. discount wood plastic fence factory in Jordan In the future market economy, wood flooring business from the current competition and service competition, and ultimately to compete into the business model of competition and industrial platforms. Concentration of domestic wood floor is not high enough, the market economic elements of capital, technology, human resources, which are not set.

In addition, the different wood flooring manufacturers or suppliers in terms of the biggest barriers is legal timber. Such barriers to trade in the future will be more robust. pvc exterior wall panels in south africa Therefore, since the beginning of the world's flooring market has been showing a trend is China's wood flooring market share in the international market continues to drop.

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