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RobIconArsenal, Chelsea or United?22:59 01.01.05 


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13:48 02.01.05 - Edited

Who do you think is going to win the Premiership?

It's going to the closest finish ever I believe, with three quality teams all in with excellent chances to win it. Chelsea, due to their lead, are obviously the favourites.

Personally, I do favour Chelsea, despite being a United fan. They've got excellent depth and are playing some unbelievable football. Duff and Robben is quite simply a dream pairing.

United have suffered quite a few injury blows lately, as well as the suspension of Rooney. Arsenal can never be written off obviously - they are pure class. But, I think the lead Chelsea have now (albeit slim), will be sufficient.
AshIcon...11:55 02.01.05 

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Chelsea is my bet to win, but 2nd spot will be closely fought - when ManU get Nistelrooy back in that'll help a lot.
PaulIcon...17:19 02.01.05 

( . Y . )

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Chelsea, Man U, then Arsenal this year.

Man U to get to semis of Champions League, Arsenal to win FA Cup.
CalIcon...16:13 07.01.05 

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Newcastle all the way lads Grin

I reckon chelsea will clinch it but its really a matter of who makes the mistakes - chelsea or arsenal?

On that note....why the hell didnt henry get player of the year?!
RobIcon...16:20 07.01.05 


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Chelsea are getting further away every week now. United missed a golden opportunity against Spurs. They were extremely lucky as well - the Caroll blooper was one of the poorest decisions I've ever seen!

Henry should have got it Cal. He's a different class. Pure theatre in motion.
CalIcon...16:29 07.01.05 

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Aye deffo he really was by far the best.
Smrt133Icon...00:01 08.01.05 

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Being an Arsenal fan i'd go with Arsenal, so ye, Arsenal for #1 .. I'm not sure who I hate more out of ManU and Chelsea but skillwise Chelsea 2nd.

On another note, Hi guys... Eek
ChrisIcon...19:55 09.01.05 

CNCS Site Champion

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Arsenal, Chelsea or United?


I hate footie.
CalIcon...20:55 09.01.05 

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what an absolutley pointless post...
EatsP1esIcon...21:49 09.01.05 

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Lt_MykIcon...08:55 10.05.06 


Please replace avatar!
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I'm a new zealander but i have to say that my fav football team would have to be Manchester United
Deaths_HeadIcon...07:26 14.09.07 

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Manchester United till I stop breathing

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