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fifa15coins4uIconIt is important that you know who to cross the ball06:42 07.01.16 

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It is important that you know who to cross the ball with. Obviously, important statistics here are crossing, curve and vision. If you know a player doesnít have the greatest stats for crossing then donít use him to cross with fifa 16 ps3 coins. Sounds fairly obvious but a lot of people WILL do this.

There is little point in crossing the ball if you see that your speedy 5 foot 5 inch winger is the only player in the box. More often than not a tall, strong, powerful centre-back or full-back will easily deal with the danger and youíll end up losing possession. Like the sort of hard-hitting defensive solidity that would mirror Tony Adams in heat, the back end of the fifa 16 pc coins pitch is now decidedly more steadfast in its approach to danger, too.

It's no longer the case that Gareth Bale's direct running to the byline would cause a collective conniption amongst your full-backs, rather it's now a matter of your defensive unit setting itself in accordance with how the midfield is controlling the game, whether that means dropping back an extra ten yards to receive more passes or to hold the line tightly in response to an over-the-top through ball and an onrushing striker.

Everything just feels more cohesive and less susceptible to implosion so long as you're methodical with how you proceed. Plus, the inclusion of an in fifa 16 ios coins game tutorial-of-sorts named 'FIFA Trainer' alleviates some of the growing pains associated with learning the art of defending, or even the game for that matter.
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