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fifa15coins4uIconAlex Telles in fifa 16 game07:10 31.12.15 

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Alex Telles (Galatasaray 73-84)
The Brazilian has been, or so I think, certainly one of Galatasaray better athletes in what is an extremely bad staff, about the Western arena at the very least. If necessary, he can buy fut 16 coins play both left back and left wing back, which gives you options to change your formations. Starting at only 72, Telles is definitely not costly, peaking at 84, which will make him the two a profitable gamer and a solid defender.

His work costs are even so a worry, attacking work level simply being higher even though his protective is very low, so he might be trapped the pitch occasionally a great deal. He is equipped with outstanding sprint acceleration and speed, that makes him fast sufficient to acquire directly into defensive jobs, although his vigor is strong enough for him so as to achieve this. Defensively, his characteristics are not the very best, probably currently visible by his poor protective function amount. Going forward nonetheless, he or she is a much better solution.

That speed, combined with fantastic fifa 16 coins dribbling and ball handle, in addition to three legend expertise movements make him a fantastic assaulting solution, who should be comfortable overcoming opposition players. His spanning is really considerably the best of the great deal, the 1st person, if I remember correctly to the eighties for that specific feature, whilst he also positions a danger from set items (76 rated for free-kick accuracy).
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