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meishengchaoIconFlooring business self-help04:08 12.10.15 

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The industry believes that "old house renovation" and "partial renovation" Because profit margins thin, time-consuming work, has been relatively minor decoration company in position. However, in 2012 the market radical changes among the "old house" and "local" strong potential market demand makes it a rare cake. Although the floor belongs to the category of hard-mounted, but to the overall effect of the decoration, at a reasonable price in the case of many homeowners' old house renovation "when we will consider resurfacing the floor, so the flooring business, this is Write a market is fully to extend floor joists Affordable housing opportunities tremendous flooring companies keep up with market Since 2012, affordable housing is the focus of a lot of business as a long-term development. Redstar, Lan Jing Li family, hundred other companies to have launched preferential system for the protection of housing and affordable housing exclusive area.

At the same time, under the Municipal Commission of Commerce organizations, protection of housing-related goods across the United formats, including Easyhome, Jimei, Lan Jing Li family and other nine well-known home, home appliance chain stores and decorative design companies involved, have launched yuan targeted packages. pvc white fence pricing The industry believes that this year's commodity housing market is rapidly cooling, from the sale of the national first-tier cities and the second and third tier cities of view, are more in the past few years will have a very substantial decline in first-tier cities which are particularly serious.

This shows that, in the case of real estate experience winter, affordable housing market is showing a policy support at a rising trend. This flooring business is concerned, it is undoubtedly a huge market. Second and third tier cities of huge just need flooring companies have vied Tier cities market saturation,replacement wood wall panel idea market demand decline, under multiple pressures, many companies have moved to second and third tier cities the floor. For a time, that once were not important market presents a scene of prosperity, vied for second and third tier cities have become many flooring companies slogan. It is understood that many well-known brand in the flooring industry has already developed a targeted product distribution tier market, just need to snatch the cake.

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