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lalaIcon Back to Basics also includes a jew08:04 26.06.15 

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blank Back to Basics also includes a jewelry collection that is on trend and seasonal. From boho chic bead and leather cord bracelets to chunky metallic chain link necklaces and vintage, Mad Men inspired studded jewel earrings, the line will compliment and complete a Second Time Around consignment experience. All jewelry will range in price from $6 $50.. If budget allows, hire a DJ to play music for the party. Create a dance floor for the party guests. If budget does not allow for a DJ, rent or borrow a karaoke machine. "I blocked him off. He tried to reverse, somebody else blocked him off and I dragged him out of the car."Ruiz said he first used his company van to hit the pickup head on. He then cut off the truck and pulled the driver out, bringing him back to the scene."I just dragged him and told him, go see what going on with these people, they hurt, he explained. But it's step by step, and this is one of those steps. We can move forward.It was Ortiz who took the microphone to address the crowd at the end of Saturday's moving pregame ceremony, dropping in an expletive but making sure no one missed his meaning."This is our f city, and nobody is going to dictate our freedom," Ortiz said, in another Saturday moment that will live on for years. "Stay strong."The city has adopted "Boston Strong" as a mantra this week, and the Red Sox have gone along, coming up with a logo that features the "B" from their caps, with the word "strong" underneath."It's not just a slogan," Nava said. 430 worth of candy from wal apparently his ultimate Rose was one of many patrons who came prepared. Many dressed in layers, like Lt. Gov. Fills had sold the idea of the program to the idealist in me: Kids who didn't own bikes would get a chance to ride as part of a team. It would keep them out of trouble, he said. But I had expected him to be there, not to leave me high and dry..

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