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rousuttIconThe damage is too great03:57 01.06.15 

 Reps: 180

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The third law: the floating air hit the floating trigger protection only, are not included in the protection of drop damage calculation; hit all the land the role of body weight, and the calculation of land protection. Fire floating in the air, can not take a direct role in the stand, and the floating fire hurt a lot, will not take part in the landing on his feet. Opened fire on landing in the race, as well as to protect the Earth, and will play the role of weight gain, for example: 1, Sanda opponent after winning the float, and smooth muscle, and skeletal remains Lightning inch punch, although the full level of inch punch, ray full-time, and + 12DNF weapons because hitting an opponent in the air, can only make the discount fall, you will be eligible lightning is not over, and it seems that opponents to protect the situation quickly arose from the earth (for it will not appear in the air landing protection). 2, if the opponent spilled Sanda game (Harmony), then the lightning raid on the floor, and if the damage is too great, then the lightning invasion in the middle, the opponent will be the prevention of falls, rose, and also to stop the radius. 3, gun (Harmony) deliver their competitors (Harmony) and pour (air will not play with the technology, not the trigger on the floor of the floating protection) in a scan operation forced the withdrawal of the grid, although this time the discount is calculated word protection, but the land protection as well for a lot of damage when I got out of the opponent, but also opponents to gain weight, so BBQ ended, and opponents landing immediately. Fourth: the trigger guard of the floating law, and got the part, and this time did not raise the floating protection, remained the paperweight at infinity. It runs the protection of the earth, and the role even when perched protect the Earth and anti-protection is reset or senior acquitted For example rifle (Harmony) BBQ side, on the one hand weapon (Harmony) floating opponents, and played enough with technology, and the floating protection opponents, accelerate the place and then began to fall immediately jump, barbecue, and in accordance with the above statement, contact the moment the floating phase is over, then re- BBQ, and ensure the protection of the earth, but the opponents did not come, even floating the protection stages and the Cheap DFO Gold extra weight without scanning, as a result of barbecue is that opponents continued to fall rapidly until it is called land protection, and he stood up. Get up, and the protection of floating beyond weight and re-clean, and floor protection is also reset acquitted Fifth Law: Floating protect the Earth may be restricted role of acceleration, and can not guarantee that the role of the state should be to reach the ground. Single confirmation protection floor after landing the role before the trigger, and the role of the landing, but was sweeping attack to float a small country, you must in order to provide protection in a small floating floor. Every day is a Valkyrie red, white and black, and so it is not a private matter in trouble, the Shura recent hot, you can take a break?

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