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goblinIconJust to prove that civilian players could02:28 01.04.15 

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I reluctantly gave up these two skills, how to make up for that is their own thing, how do you choose is wow. I am writing this article is not to prove himself more understanding, but after their own personal experience to understand, to want to help the new players on the Dungeon Fighter Online career choices. So there is that can be misleading new instructions, but the old man is you spray quality problem, huh, huh. My limited skills, I'm just an ordinary player. Read like, do not laugh. I was in contact Dungeon Fighter Online last year, and now has only a year and a half or so of the majority of Dungeon Fighter Online occupation have played, play some more profound, never played dare comment (PK aspects do not look, I Only pure brush map terms to explain), after all I'm not a PK field regulars. Ghost swordsman, indeed, ghost swordsman occupation are unique to each Dungeon Fighter Online, Dungeon Fighter Online is a professional brush chart players. DFO Gold Asura: This is the only one I have not played the ghost swordsman, my brother actually play, specific knowledge is not deep, I told the team Asura few times, I did not Dungeon Fighter Online job discrimination, I do not know why among the invisible. Yet continue to experience Berserker: I play this Dungeon Fighter Online career no less than two times, eventually gave up, after all, is too dependent on the equipment, some perspective, the Berserker really bold brush map, I told the group had good technology redeye, but long-term considerations, Berserker really is not an ordinary person can play from, there is no high-strength weapons, no good equipment, the king would like to brush chart? That is powerless. Not to mention the ancient map! Devil May Cry: Ghost Swordsman in the first Dungeon Fighter Online brush chart career (who would dare to deny this?) Ability to control the market one of the best all-Dungeon Fighter Online career. I have been playing great love, is the only profession with this awakening Dungeon Fighter Online seconds over BOSS.. Wang Institute, I was an ordinary Dungeon Fighter Online career sets, jewelry task. I will not make a video, or you can send everyone to see. Just to prove that civilian players could seconds. Consume small Dungeon Fighter Online career, newcomers can try. Almighty Dungeon Fighter Online career. I will not say who is playing who knows! Soul Calibur: Soul Calibur awakening is good, but it is also a need for high-strength Dungeon Fighter Online career, pre-upgrade easily from the long-term considerations, with Berserker some ratio.. Also a large consumption Dungeon Fighter Online career, players do not recommend a small investment.. You know after 70, and subsequent figures how perverted, I believe played hanbok know. Soul Calibur is very not to force. My ranking is Devil May Cry - Ashura - Red Eye - Soul Calibur fighting at home I almost never played.

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