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yujianIcon 27.01.15 

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blank We had lunch at Hungry Jacks then walked around, Simon was looking for a car audio system and Dylan wanted to buy stuff from Body Shop. We stopped by Target where I bought a bicycle lock, since I thinking about borrowing Abang Siva bike so I can cycle around for exercise. We had lunch while watching Babylon 5, then Joe suddenly remembered he had to pass up his Chinese IT assignment, so we quickly took a bus to campus and walked along Bedoe Ave. Roschon Prince drove to the basket and ran into St. John Bosco's Darien Williams. The officials didn't call a charging foul. Now we have made great strives in this country towards racial equality and we do have our first Black president. But in the hearts and minds of many racial differences are still prevalent. The unusual thing to me in this case is that George Zimmerman doesn't look white. My basis? Years of watching mentally healthy friends pour money down a drain to talk about their feelings ad nauseam. Some friends definitely emerged sweeter and more stable (possibly due to natural maturation). A few became therapy addicts who lost friends and alienated people with their inane psychobabble.

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