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SpygonIconNews: Red Alert 3 Release Date (US)08:28 04.10.08 

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08:29 04.10.08 - Edited

do we know if red alert 3 is having an international release date if not any news on a UK release date.Also why are there so many great games coming out this month there was a drought of games for like 5 months where i was bored out of my mind.Now there going to be at least 6 good games out in the next 5 weeks

my gaming shopping list
fifa 09 (3/10/2008)
fable 2 (24/10/2008)
fallout 3 (31/10/2008)
gears of war 2 (7/11/2008)
red alert 3 (unknown)
endwar (7/11/2008)

so many games so little time Eek

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