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» Yuri

Cost: 1200
Tech Level: High

Speed: slow
Range: short

Veteran Abilities: n/a
Elite Abilities: n/a

Description: A very versatile unit. Using his psychic powers he is able to make one enemy unit within his range change sides; except for dogs. Yuri is an excellent way of stopping the iron curtain - just simply use Yuri to take the iron curtained units over. As with Ivan, there is a secret version of Yuri; Yuri Prime. Try to use Yuri when the enemy sends in prism/apocalypse tanks - the better the unit you capture, the better for you.

Weakness: Dogs, Defensive Structures, Tanya.

Rob's Tip: Yuri is an interesting unit - best used behind other units or defenses for protection. When using him make sure you mind control the more powerful enemy units - e.g. apocalypse tank etc.

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