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» Tesla Trooper

Cost: 500
Tech Level: Basic

Veteran Abilities: Increase in armour, speed, and firepower.
Elite Abilities: Increase in armour, speed, and firepower.

Description: The Tesla Trooper in the most recognised symbol of the Soviet Army, created using the latest Tesla technology. They are capable of causing powerful damage to infantry, vehicles and structures alike - in groups they are a fearsome force to be reckoned with. They are better used in groups, with some conscript back-up. If you make the troopers force-fire on one of your tesla coils they will charge it up - making it more powerful.

Weakness: Dogs,Pillboxes

Rob's Tip: Excellent against tanks and against drones. Place one next to your refinery early on in a game to prevent a player from droning your harvester. TT's cannot be run over, so placing them on top of an entrance to a base (e.g. canyon fodder/south pacific) is a good idea as tanks will have to pass them to get through.

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