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» Engineer

Cost: 500
Tech Level: Basic

Speed: Slow
Range: n/a

Veteran Abilities: n/a
Elite Abilities: n/a

Description: The Engineer plays a much larger role in Red 2 than in any of the other C&C games. It still performs the basic tasks of capturing enemy structures, repairing bridges, and repairing buildings instantly, but on top of that it sports the ability to repair garrisoned buildings and to disarm Ivan Bombs. When combined with an IFV a mobile repair vehicle is created - a very useful unit. When put in guard mode the engineer will repair any buildings in your base that become severely damaged, or will capture any nearby enemy buildings.

Weaknesses: Everything

Rob's Tip: The main use of the engineer is to capture enemy buildings. Engineer rushes range from loading them in flak traks, to simply walking the engineer around the edge of a map. However on a map with tech buildings you should try to capture the oil derricks/airports as soon as you can, then place sentry guns down to stop the enemy using engineers as well.

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