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» Kirov

Cost: 2000
Tech Level: High

Speed: Extremely slow.
Range: Short.

Veteran Abilities: Increased power and accuracy.
Elite Abilities: Increased power, accuracy and electric-shock bombs.

Description: The Soviets only air-force unit - is very powerful, but has a major setback - its speed is mind-numbingly slow. Having said that, its power and armour make up for that - it can take lots of damage before being shot down. Even when it is shot down it destroys anything that it lands upon. A group of Kirovs can simply be too much for an enemy to handle - by the time they have shot each Kirov down, nearly all of the base will be gone. Kirovs drop extremely powerful bombs that destroy any building in one shot - providing the shot was an accurate one.

Weakness: IFV's, Flak Troopers, Sea Scorpions, Patriots, Anything AA

Rob's Tip: If you build a Kirov then the enemy will hear it - they will then spend a lot of money on air defence, probably more than you spent on your Kirov. So it's sometimes worth building one for that reason only. The best tactic is to get a war factory as close to an enemy base as possible and then produce a Kirov - your opponent will not have enough time to counter it properly.

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