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» Aegis Cruiser

Cost: 1200
Tech Level: High

Speed: Fast
Range: Long

Veteran Abilities: Increased Missile Power
Elite Abilities: Increased Rate of fire

Description: Another important Allied ship, the Aegis Cruiser is used to defend against aerial attacks. In addition to standard anti-aircraft defenses, Aegis Cruisers are also equipped with anti-missile defenses that can protect vital installations against missile attacks. The Aegis Cruiser is an excellent defense against Kirovs if you can get them within range. Build some of these to back up your aircraft carriers. It's a good idea to back up aegis cruisers with destroyers or dolphins as they have no form of defense apart from Anti-Aircraft Missiles.

Rob's Tip: Aegis cruisers are very, very strong anti-air units - if backed up they will easily be able to dispose of harriers/rocketeers and kirovs. If a map has a large stretch of water on it (e.g. Invasion Confirmed) then build some aegis cruisers to make sure your opponent cannot use air units effectively.

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