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» Destroyer

Cost: 1000
Tech Level: Basic

Speed: medium
Range: medium

Veteran Abilities: Increased strength, firepower, rate of fire, sight, and speed.
Elite Abilities: Increased strength, firepower, and rate of fire. Can self-heal

Description: The basic Allied naval unit, the Destroyer is designed to automatically defend against submerged enemy units like submarines. The Destroyer can also be used to bombard shorelines and enemy installations, allowing for easier amphibious invasions. Try putting the destroyers in groups - then when you see enemy sea units simply use the hotkey assigned to them to attack the enemy unit with and the destroyers helicopter will fly from anywhere on the map to engage the enemy unit.

Weakness: Subs, Dolphins, Squids

Rob's Tip: Destroyers should only be built if you do not have a battle lab - dolphins are much more useful. However if you are playing a naval game it is best to build a couple of destroyers before you start dolphin production in order to safe guard from other enemy air units.

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