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» Dolphin

Cost: 500
Tech Level: High

Speed: Fast
Range: Medium

Veteran Abilities: Increased strength, firepower, rate of fire, sight, and speed.
Elite Abilities: Increased strength, firepower, and rate of fire. Can self-heal.

Description: Dolphins are an extremely important naval unit for the Allied forces. Cloaked and invisible to enemy radar, Dolphins attack with a sonar amplification device. They are effective against any Soviet naval units, particularly Giant Squids or subs. They are very cheap at 500 - so groups can be easily made that will destroy the enemy navy. Dolphins make excellent scouts due to their speed and radar invisibility. The key to controlling the waters if you are allies is to build as many dolphins as you can basically - once established you can destroy the enemy's naval yards and stop them from building anymore.

Weakness: Subs

Rob's Tip: Dolphins are without doubt the best unit in naval V naval - they are fast and deadly. They can dodge the missiles fired from subs if used skillfully - so practice hitting a group of subs with them and then quickly withdrawing.

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