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» Prism Tank

Cost: 1200
Tech Level: 8

Speed: Medium
Range: Fast

Veteran Abilities: Increased strength, firepower, sight, and speed
Elite Abilities: Increased strength, firepower, and rate of fire. Can self-heal.

Description: The most powerful tank that the Allies have. It uses Prism Technology to shoot a beam of light at enemies. When it hits, the beam bounces off and hits any nearby enemy units, thereby destroying, or at least damaging, a few units at once. These tanks are excellent due to their long range - they can destroy enemy structures in just 3 or 4 seconds. When in groups of 5+ they take out any structure in one shot. These tanks are the best method of destroying a computer opponents base; yet they are also extremely effective when playing internet/network games providing that you provide them with some support - such as mirage tanks. A group of prism tanks with mirage tanks in front of them is practically unstoppable.

Weakness: Heavy Armoured Vehicles, Air Units

Rob's Tip: Place behind your tanks and infantry. Keep them away from desolators. Use on structures if possible as they are extremely effective against them. Make sure they are well backed up - that's the main key to using them well.

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