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» Mobile Construction Vehicle

Cost: 3000
Tech Level: 9

Speed: Slow
Range: n/a

Veteran Abilities: n/a
Elite Abilities: n/a

Description: The heart of every base is the Construction Yard. Many times, you will not start with this structure in place, but will have an MCV, or Mobile Construction Vehicle, at your disposal. When deployed, this vehicle becomes a Construction Yard, providing you with all of the benefits of that building. Sometimes you can redeploy your mcv - in other words, build a couple of buildings, then move your mcv elsewhere to start another base.

Weakness: Armoured Vehicles, Drones

Rob's Tip: There aren't too many tips for the MCV unit - use them to spread your base out around the map. Build them next to ore fields so you can build refineries close to the ore. Make sure that the enemy has no drones about if you choose to move it.

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