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» Mirage Tank

Cost: 1000
Tech Level: 6

Speed: Medium
Range: Far

Veteran Abilities: Increased strength, firepower, sight, and speed.
Elite Abilities: Increased strength, firepower, and rate of fire. Can self-heal.

Description: When not moving, this unit changes in appearance to look like a tree. It can fire on enemy units from this camouflaged state, making it difficult for the enemy to discover where the fire is coming from. They do, however, appear for a brief moment when firing. Used carefully, these units can provide a devestating sneak attack. Try to hide them amongst other trees when playing a real opponent - don't put them in the middle of roads for example. Mirage Tanks are excellent at destroying tanks.

Weakness: Mass unit rushes and the desolator.

Rob's Tip: Mirage tanks really are excellent units. Their arch enemy is without doubt the desolator - keep your mirages away from them! When using mirages in tanks battles place them behind your standard grizzly tanks - it makes sense as mirage tanks have weaker armour, longer range and more powerful fire.

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