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» Chrono Miner

Cost: 1400
Tech Level: Basic

Speed: Medium
Range: n/a

Veteran Abilities: n/a
Elite Abilities: n/a

Description: The heart of your economy; a small vehicle that collects ore and returns it to your refineries. This ore is then converted into money, which allows you to produce units and structures. When travelling to an ore field, the Chrono Miner moves like a normal vehicle. However, when full of ore, the miner "chronos" back to the refinery, much like a Chrono Legionnaire moves across the map. This saves considerable time in getting the ore into the refinery. The only disadvantage of the chrono miner is that it holds small amounts of ore; the Soviet war miner holds twice as much.

Weakness: Armoured Vehicles, Crazy Ivan, Harriers

Rob's Tip: There aren't too many tips for using chrono miners really. If they are attacked by groups of infantry then use them to squash the infantry (hold down alt and click on the unit). Also, if they are being attacked by enemy tanks then chrono them back to the refinery - thus saving them.

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