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» Spy

Cost: 1000
Tech Level: 5

Speed: Medium
Range: n/a

Veteran Abilities: n/a
Elite Abilities: n/a

Description: The spy is one of the most improved units in this game; it's full of new tricks such as being allowed to pick what unit you want your spy to disguise itself as. The spy now performs several actions. If you send it into a enemy radar building, it will reset the players shroud. If you put the Spy into a Enemy Tech-Center it will result in secret units. The spy is invisible to the enemy radar - the only way that they can be detected is by using attack dogs or by spotting the spy manually and then force firing on it. Spy Combinations are listed below. The spy is the best way to beat the computer on the brutal setting; if you send one into an enemy ore refinery (a computer opponent) then you will get from 10,000 to 50,000 usually, which means you can just spend, spend, spend!

Barracks - All infantry units created as Veterans
War Factory - All vehicles created as Veterans
Radar - Resets enemy shroud
Ore Refinery - All money in refinery is stolen
MCV - N/a
Powerplant/Tesla Reactor - Enemy power shut down for 60 seconds
Cloning Vat - Destroys cloning vat
Allied Battle-Lab (You must have an Allied barracks) - Chrono Commando
Soviet Battle-Lab (You must have an Allied barracks)- PSI Commando
Soviet Battle-Lab (You must have a Soviet barracks) - Yuri Prime
Soviet Battle-Lab (You must have a Soviet barracks) - Chrono Ivan
Super-weapons - Resets the timer.

Weakness: Dogs!

Rob's Tip: Against the computer just click on an enemy unit whilst the spy is selected, then walk into enemy base making sure to avoid dogs. Against human opponents its much more difficult - loading one up in an IFV then rushing into the base with it and unloading is an option, as is just disguising it as one of your own units and then just sending it to the enemy base in a small fake attack designed to allow your spy to get into an enemy building.

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