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» Chrono Legionnaire

Cost: 1500
Tech Level: High

Speed: n/a - Teleports to location instantly.
Range: Medium

Veteran Abilities: Increased strength, firepower, rate of fire, sight, and speed.
Elite Abilities: Increased strength, firepower, and rate of fire. Can self-heal

Description: One of the most advanced infantry units in the game - based entirely on Chrono technology. It has all the normal infantry characteristics - but with one big difference - it never walks anywhere; it Chronoshifts. The further away they Chrono the longer it takes them to phase back to their original location. The Chono Legionnaire uses a neutron gun to wipe things out of time - so in other words, he freezes the unit, and then wipes it out after so many seconds. The only disadvantage with this is that while he is phasing the enemy, units can attack and destroy him. The main advantage is that it is an extremely powerful infantry unit; one can wipe an MCV out of time in under 20 seconds. It can also attack Iron Curtained units, but cannot kill them - only stop them from driving and firing. This unit is possibly the best on the game - its possibilities are endless. Use groups of them on your enemy's harvesters and their economy will be ruined. Another use is for zapping around the map when the crate option is turned on - chrono legionnaires can get to the crate far more quickly than any other unit in the game.

Weakness: Groups of units, pillboxes

Rob's Tip: Best used in groups otherwise they can be killed instantly. Good for intercepting enemy units en route to your base. If you use them to attack an enemy's base then they will be over-whelmed. Also useful for attacking enemy harvesters which aren't close to the base. Can also be used to force fire on structures; this will make them invulnerable to attack - e.g. if a group of harriers attacks a building then quickly force fire on it beforehand; their shots will then be wasted - however make sure you don't forget to stop force firing or else the building will be wiped out.

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