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» Rocketeer

Cost: 600
Tech Level: 5

Speed: Fast
Range: Medium

Veteran Abilities: Increased strength, firepower, rate of fire, sight, and speed
Elite Abilities: Increased strength, firepower, and rate of fire. Can self-heal.

Description: The rocketeer is similar to the Jumpjet Infantry seen in T Sun. It is produced in the barracks, and comes with a rocket pack on it's back. It can fly long distances and is useful for attacking an enemies rear. It is much faster than the jumpjet infantry in Tiberian Sun. They also sport the ability to attack Kirovs in mid-air and are extremely effective at taking out armoured vehicles. The rocketeer is a very useful unit if used properly; they can destroy structures in seconds - yet have weaknesses.

Weakness: Patriot Missiles, Flak Cannons, Flak Vehicles, Flak Troopers, Aegis Cruisers, Sea Scorpions

Rob's Tip: Best used early on when an enemy doesn't have a large economy and cannot produce air defences quickly. Build them somewhere where your enemy can't see - this way he won't prepare for an air assault.

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