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» Battle Report Writing Guide

This page is intended to help you write your very own battle reports using our Battle Report System.

Adding reports is a very simple process - error reporting is built into the script, but it still pays to have a quick read over this page, especially if you're unsure of anything.

Player Name You should enter your ingame nickname here (I use 'robofcncs').
Opponent's Name Enter your opponent's nickname (e.g. Paul = 'f1reburn').
Map Enter the name of the map you played on. Please use the full name as opposed to short abbreviations. E.g. 'Little Big Lake' instead of 'LBL'.
Game Very simple; pick the C&C game the report is based on.
Game TypePick the relevant type of game. Use 'Friendly' if you're unsure.
Game ModeAllows you to specify between the different game modes to be found in the various C&C titles. So, for instance, if you play a co-op mission on Red Alert 2, you can specify as such.
Your SideAll sides from the supported titles are listed. Pick the one you used.
Opponent's SidePick the one your opponent used.
Blackmark OpponentSelect this option if you wish to place a blackmark agaisnt the opponent. You should only do this if you witnessed or suspected foul play. Examples of such include map hacking, washing, disconnecting and the use of illegal units such as President IFVs. Please explain what the opponent did that you felt was unfair in the commentary - otherwise we may edit your report. Don't make accusations without offering an explanation.
ResultThree options here - win/loss/other. Select other if the game was washed or ended in a stalemate.
PointsOptional. Specify the amount of points that you won or lost. Please do not put a negative number - if you lost the system will calculate that by itself. Just add the points, no minus signs or plus signs.
MinutesOptional. You can specify the amount of minutes the game lasted for. You can only enter minutes - so if you played for an hour and 10 minutes, put '70' in the field.
CommentaryThe main rule of the commentary is to try and make it worth reading. Please try and use correct grammar and spelling - for the sake of other readers. People are far more likely to read your reports if they are able to understand them!

We suggest giving a brief introduction (perhaps listing your build order), then talking through key points of the game, then perhaps a conclusion. Read other members reports if you want examples. Forum bulletin code and smilies can be used.

If your report consists of only a few words and isn't worth reading, we will delete it.

Screenshots/ReplaysYou have the ability to upload several files with your battle report. We suggest adding exciting screenshots or perhaps even attaching a replay of the game. Just click 'Browse', locate the relevant file, then click 'Attach'. Please try and upload images as jpg files for the benefit of other users.
FAQ: Your Own LogMany members use the system to record a log of their matches. In order to see a page showing only the matches you have written, you must use the following url:

Replace the authorid ('1' in the above example) with your unique member number (view your profile link to find it if you're unsure).

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