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» Second Wave Mod Chat Log

[21:02] [Ash] Ready?
[21:02] [Malc] when ever you are
[21:02] [Ash] *Rich[HeaveNetwork] How kool is this mod?
[21:02] [Malc] hehe
[21:03] [Malc] this mod will add a totally new way of playing the mod, in the form of what is widly described as "The worlds most professional army"
[21:03] [Malc] new side
[21:03] [Malc] 20+ new units are expected
[21:04] [Malc] d
[21:04] [Ash] *coolCHeese* When's the release date?
[21:05] [Malc] We don't like to set release dates as from past experience and from watching others who set release dates, such as EA and the Blitz team we've learnt to only set a definiate date when we're ready and we know 100% its going to be ready by then
[21:05] [Ash] Note: Please don't ask when is the release date again.
[21:05] [Malc] we aim to release the mod sometime within the next couple of months as a lot of the stuff is already done its just a matter of adding a few new units and sorting out some minor problems
[21:06] [Malc] hmm... lets give away the first beta
[21:06] [Malc] Congratulation Loque you have won a SecondWave Beta Slot! please go and sign up for the CnC Matrix Forums
[21:06] [Malc] Congratulations Loque, your a SecondWave beta tester =)
[21:06] [Malc] once your signed up for the CnC Matrix forums you will need to send me your nickname so I can get you setup as a tester
[21:07] [Malc] d Ash
[21:07] [Ash] *Kravvitz* this is a Generals mod right?
[21:07] [Malc] Last time I checked
[21:07] [Malc] or have I been playing the wrong game all these months?
[21:07] [Ash] *coolCHeese* What kind of music will be for the UK side?
[21:07] [Malc] at the moment we have 5 tracks which are all old C&C tracks
[21:08] [Malc] including, Hell March, MechMan, Tension, Stomp and I forget the other one
[21:08] [Malc] we might in the future release alternative music for the mod
[21:08] [Malc] so there might be music packs which can be downloaded
[21:09] [Malc] these might include, pop songs, rock songs, British classics
[21:09] [Malc] as you can never please everyone with music
[21:09] [Malc] d
[21:09] [Ash] *coolCHeese* Will there be singleplayer missions?
[21:10] [Malc] We hope that one day there will be but at the moment the world builder program which is currently the only piece of software which can make missions is not compatible with mods
[21:10] [Malc] I know it seems stupid for EA to make a mod tool which isn't compatible with mods =(
[21:10] [Malc] but we do want a Single player campaign at one stage
[21:10] [Malc] just a reminder to all guests to send a question type /msg Ash yourquestion
[21:10] [Malc] time for another beta slot?
[21:11] [Malc] Congratulation jos|{CDB}| you have won a SecondWave Beta Slot! please go and sign up for the CnC Matrix Forums
[21:11] [Malc] lol, congratulations jos
[21:11] [Malc] jos has been bugging me for a slot for weeks
[21:11] [Malc] Ash d
[21:11] [Ash] *coolCHeese* will SW be copyrighted?
[21:12] [Malc] all the models and textures will be copyrighted, as these are original content created by very talented people
[21:12] [Malc] but code can only really be written in one way so its not easy to copyright code which is already copyrighted with EA
[21:12] [Malc] but we would apreciate it if any mods use are code that they give us credit
[21:12] [Malc] D ash
[21:12] [Ash] *Rich[HeaveNetwork]* What bigs changes have you changed to the sturcture(spelled wrong) of Generals?
[21:13] [Malc] define structure?
[21:13] * Ash sets mode: +v Rich[HeaveNetwork]
[21:13] [Ash] Rich, define your question.
[21:13] [Rich[HeaveNetwork]] I mean, what sort of error in Generals that you fixed or made it even better
[21:14] * Ash sets mode: -v Rich[HeaveNetwork]
[21:14] [Malc] hmm.... if I get what you mean
[21:14] [Malc] The General idea is to make Generals better, the previous versions saw many minor improvements which were very popular by their selfs and created a much more diverse field of play for the player
[21:15] [Malc] the next version adding a new side will really change Generals and C&C in a big way, becus no C&C has yet been made with 4 unique sides
[21:15] [Malc] so I think it will be interesting to see how that plays out
[21:15] [Malc] D Ash
[21:15] [Ash] *Bill222* Is there any features added other than the new side/units ?
[21:15] [Malc] well adding a new side adds many new features as it is
[21:15] [Malc] the UK side will add new features such as...
[21:16] [Malc] Infantry which can wade through water
[21:16] [Malc] mobile repair vehicle
[21:16] [Malc] don't think ive told many people about that
[21:16] [Malc] cluster bomb
[21:16] [Malc] as well as the stuff which was added in previous versions such as, walls, blood etc
[21:17] * Malc thinks its time for yet another beta slot
[21:17] * Malc said he would give out a lot ;)
[21:17] [Malc] Congratulation Opals25 you have won a SecondWave Beta Slot! please go and sign up for the CnC Matrix Forums
[21:17] [Malc] Congratulations Opals25
[21:17] [Malc] make sure you go and sign up for the forums then let me know your nick ;)
[21:17] [Malc] D ash
[21:17] [Ash] *coolCHeese* will there be a military navy?
[21:18] [Malc] Navys are not planed for the next version but this in no way means we're ruling it out
[21:18] [Malc] theres even been a aircraftcarrier model drawn up
[21:19] [Malc] but adding ships is a big job
[21:19] [Malc] and if you want to see the UK side this side of Xmas then im afraid your going to have to wait :(
[21:19] [Malc]d ash
[21:19] [Ash] *Benlanka* Question: "Did you ever expected Second Wave would become such a hit as it became? And do you think that the new version will have such an impact as the first"
[21:20] [Malc] Well I don't know how many of you know this but this was my first ever mod
[21:20] [Malc] I had experimented a very little with some mod stuff in Redalert 2
[21:20] [Malc] but that was mainly a features in my maps
[21:20] [Malc] one which included giving monkey scratchs nuclear warheads
[21:21] [Malc] so I never expected my first mod to go so big
[21:21] [Malc] I amazed about how popular it is
[21:21] [Malc] I think its on something like 13,000 downloads now! but things are going to get bigger and better
[21:22] [Malc] the first version adding peanuts compared to whats on the way
[21:22] [Malc] about time for another beta I think
[21:22] [Malc] Congratulation Bomer you have won a SecondWave Beta Slot! please go and sign up for the CnC Matrix Forums
[21:22] [Malc] Congratulations Bomer
[21:22] [Malc] you should know the drill by now
[21:22] [21:22] [Ash] *sgt_chavez* who do you think is your most talented modeller :)
[21:23] [Malc] hmm...
[21:23] [Malc] we have some very good modelers on our team, who are all very talented, you've got to remember none of htem get paid for what they do and its all in their free time
[21:24] [Malc] some work harder then others, the ones which work hard are the ones I like ;)
[21:24] [Malc] d ash
[21:24] [Ash] Does this mod only add a new side or does it add more units to the other three original sides
[21:24] [Malc] The first versions of the mod added 6 new units 2 to each of the original sides
[21:25] [Malc] we have rough plans for future units
[21:25] [Malc] A Abrams tank for the USA is defiantly on the table
[21:25] [Malc] I would like to fit those into the next public release but as ive said before the top priority for the next public release is the UK side
[21:26] [Malc] a whole new side with 20 new units is going to be more then enough to keep you busy
[21:26] [Malc] d ash
[21:26] [Ash] *coolCHeese* Will there be new Generals mode?
[21:27] [Malc] hmm... im not sure if you mean new Generals abilities or generals mode like in the early alphas of Generals
[21:28] [Malc] at the moment we haven't got any plans for introducing the old style of play in Generals
[21:28] [Malc] but as ive said before nothing is off the table so you never know
[21:28] [Malc] if you meant Generals abilities then hell yeah!
[21:28] [Malc] when we said we're adding a whole new uk side we didn't mean just units
[21:28] [Malc] some of the UK's Generals abilities include
[21:29] [Malc] Spy plane, cluster bomb and even a submarine cruise missile strike
[21:29] [Malc] its probably about time for a new Beta slot
[21:29] * Malc wonders who the next slot will go to
[21:29] [Malc] Congratulation Benlanka you have won a SecondWave Beta Slot! please go and sign up for the CnC Matrix Forums
[21:30] [Malc] congratulations Benlanka
[21:30] [Malc] I would like to remind everyone these sltos are 100% random
[21:30] [Malc] so pleading with me to give you a slot won't work
[21:30] [Malc] as I don't have any control over who the script chooses
[21:30] [Ash] But feel free to try. :D
[21:31] [Malc] you can blame Rich[HeavenNetwork] for any problems with the scipt
[21:31] [Malc] ash d
[21:31] [Ash] *coolCHeese* how many people make up the mod?
[21:31] [Malc] hmm....
[21:31] * Malc counts
[21:32] [Malc] I think 6 or 7
[21:32] [Malc] but theres a core of about 3 or 4 people
[21:32] [Malc] d ash
[21:32] [Ash] *Absoluuk* will there be new superweapons or something?
[21:33] [Malc] We've implemented one super weapon for the UK so far, the Cluster bomb
[21:33] [Malc] which involves a big plane flying over and droppinga big bomb much like hte daisy cutter, the bomb then explodes into 6 or 7 little bombs
[21:33] [Malc] which spread out and cause total mayhem
[21:34] [Malc] as for hte second super weapon
[21:34] [Malc] we have been thinking quite hard about that
[21:34] [Malc] the idea at the top of the table is a grand cannon style weapon
[21:35] [Malc] which will fire a massive artillery shell across the map at a target totally wiping it out
[21:35] [Malc] hmm.... time for another beta
[21:35] [Malc] the next beta tester will be..........
[21:36] [Malc] Congratulation Bill222 you have won a SecondWave Beta Slot! please go and sign up for the CnC Matrix Forums
[21:36] [Malc] congratulations Bill22
[21:36] [Malc] d ash
[21:37] [Ash] *coolCHeese* is this mod free forever even after many updates if there will be?
[21:37] [Malc] well its actually illegal to sell a mod, as when you sell a mod you are basically selling Generals and pasing it off as your own
[21:37] [Malc] so SecondWave will never cost money
[21:37] [Malc] we're not in it to make money and there will be updates
[21:38] [Malc] we plan to keep on making updates for Generals for a long time
[21:38] [Malc] remember send your questions to ash by typing /msg ash your question
[21:38] [Malc] d ash
[21:38] [Ash] [SW] When will you start releasing pictures of buildings?
[21:39] [Malc] It is very unlikley that buildings will be in the first public release of the UK side, we wish we could have buildings in hte first release but again that could add another month onto the time it takes to make the mod
[21:40] [Malc] we have got a few rough buildigns designs done, but they won't be in a state for public release until after the first release goes out
[21:40] [Malc] hmm.... you guys ready for another slot?
[21:40] [Malc] guess so =)
[21:41] [Malc] Congratulation sgt_chavez you have won a SecondWave Beta Slot! please go and sign up for the CnC Matrix Forums
[21:41] [Malc] hmm...
[21:41] [Malc] I think I will run that one again
[21:41] [Malc] as sgt_chavez is one of our modelers
[21:41] [Malc] secondtime lucky guys
[21:41] [Malc] Congratulation LeXiCoN you have won a SecondWave Beta Slot! please go and sign up for the CnC Matrix Forums
[21:41] [Malc] thats more like it =)
[21:41] [Malc] congratulations LeXiCoN
[21:42] [Malc] make sure you go and sign up for the cncmatrix forums then send me your nick ;)
[21:42] [Malc] d Ash
[21:42] [Ash] *Opals25* Some of the games skins seem a little plain in comparison to current units already in the game. Do you intend on increasing skin detail eventually?
[21:43] [Malc] All of our team are still developing their skills will often want to go over a skin again using new skills they have picked up, but none of our team are professional artists like the people who did the EA skins so they do their best but we can never expect the same quality as EA
[21:44] [Malc] but if any professional artists want to share their skill then please let me know ;)
[21:44] [Malc] d Ash
[21:44] [Ash] [Mystic_Gohan15] hey malc i was wondering with the challenger 2 does it have any special abilities or is it just very powerful?
[21:45] [Malc] I think your probably aware of the debate at the CnCMatrix forums about the best tank in the world...
[21:45] [Malc] being a member and all
[21:45] [Malc] the Challenger 2 is a very good tank and probably one of the most advanced in the world)
[21:46] [Malc] the one in SecondWave will have NBC capabilities
[21:46] [Malc] which means it isn't effected by chemicals as well as good accuracy and some real tough armor
[21:46] [Malc] wow, this chat has gone quick
[21:46] [Malc] 15 minutes left guys
[21:46] [Ash] 5 q's left
[21:46] [Malc] so make sure you get your questions in
[21:46] [Ash] *sgt_chavez* what efforts have you made to make sure the game is balanced with the addition of the new side?
[21:46] [Ash] go go go!
[21:47] [Malc] We're aiming to make the UK tough on armor and strength but bad on speed
[21:47] [Malc] at the moment the UK side has a very basic balance system put in
[21:47] [Malc] we will be relying on feedback from our testers to tell us what needs to be done to make the mod balanced
[21:48] [Malc] time to put in a quick beta slot I think
[21:48] [Malc] Congratulation Mystic_Gohan15 you have won a SecondWave Beta Slot! please go and sign up for the CnC Matrix Forums
[21:48] [Malc] Congrats Mystic
[21:48] [Malc] you know the drill ;)
[21:48] [Malc] d Ash
[21:49] [Ash] *Bill222* will It be worlbuilder compatible ?
[21:49] [Malc] fraid not =(
[21:49] [Ash] How do you think SW will compete with other popular TC mods, such as Blitz 2?
[21:49] [Malc] first off SecondWave isn't a TC (total conversion) and has never aimed to be
[21:50] [Malc] 90% of mods which are out there are total conversions, so thats what makes SecondWave unique
[21:50] [Malc] instead of making a totally new game SecondWave improves and increases the gameplay of the original games
[21:50] [Malc] few people can deny that Generals is a great game, how ever unhappy they are with the bugs and other problems
[21:51] [21:51] [Ash] *Malard* Q: Need anymore development help if u wanna get the mod finished sooner?
[21:51] [Malc] hehe
[21:51] [Malc] at the moment we have two coders me and Eradicator
[21:52] [Malc] in later versions we may be looking for new coders
[21:52] [Malc] but for a coder this mod is to late in development to start hiring new coders
[21:53] [Malc] and having more then a few coders working on the mod at one time can only be bad as there are versions of the code all over the place and things get messed up
[21:53] [Malc] anyway d Ash
[21:53] [Ash] *Muad_Dib* wil the mod continue once the expansion is out ?
[21:54] [Malc] of cource, we're really looking forward to what Zero Hour has to offer for SecondWave and we plan a Zero HOur version of the mod
[21:54] [Malc] but we will continue to update and support the original Generals versions as long as we can
[21:54] [Malc] another beta slot I think
[21:54] [Malc] Congratulation coolCHeese you have won a SecondWave Beta Slot! please go and sign up for the CnC Matrix Forums
[21:54] [Malc] congrats coolCHeese
[21:55] [Ash] [samthebobman] is the new land rover fully animated?
[21:55] [Malc] at the moment the wheels don't move
[21:55] [Malc] but this isn't really noticible wiht hte amount of dust it kicks up
[21:55] [Malc] we will closer to release touch it up ;)
[21:56] [Malc] D ash
[21:56] [Ash] [coolCHeese] Is 56k good enough to download SW?
[21:56] [Ash] If your question has not been answered, get it to me quickly again now.
[21:56] [Malc] a whole new side isn't going to help the size of SecondWave
[21:57] [Malc] but we are trying our best ot keep the mod below 30mb
[21:57] [Malc] and we also have some contacts at various game magazines which might be willing to put the mod in their cover disk
[21:57] [Malc] so if it gets to big you can go out and buy one o the mags =)
[21:57] [Malc] I think we've just got enough time to fit in one more beta slot
[21:57] [Malc] so the last beta slot of the evening goes to.................
[21:57] [Malc] Congratulation Prince-Ali you have won a SecondWave Beta Slot! please go and sign up for the CnC Matrix Forums
[21:57] [Ash] [Prince-Ali] Would you consider putting my Abandoned Experiments map into SW? I'll fix it up. ;)
[21:58] [Malc] Prince-Ali =)
[21:58] [Malc] hehe, SecondWave will include several new maps, and we have considered adding submitted maps
[21:58] [Malc] but we will have to wait and see on that
[21:58] [Ash] [Mystic_Gohan15] will the british side have thier own voices? or will they be voice from other units already in the game?
[21:59] [Malc] the British side have their own voices
[21:59] [Malc] but we only have one set for all of the units
[21:59] [Malc] but there not some cheesy done with my 9.99 mic voices
[21:59] [Malc] there all voices from the sniper in Redalert 2 =)
[21:59] [Malc] anyway last question?
[22:00] [Ash] [coolCHeese] Do you think making the mod is worth it as your hobby, or for other reasons if must applicable?
[22:00] [Malc] I like the reward I get out of it
[22:01] [Malc] Its just a nice feeling when you see 1000's of people enjoying something you helped make
[22:01] [Malc] well I think thats it for this evening
[22:01] [Malc] thanks for everyone who attended and im sorry for anyone who didn't get a beta =(
[22:01] [Malc] there will be plenty more chances to get betas so don't worry
[22:01] * Ash collapses

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