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» C&C meets Monty Python

Monty Python, to most Brits and many others around the world, is hilarious. After watching Life of Brian, I decided to introduce it to C&C, and here is the result.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

The infamous Black Knight scene.

The People's Front of Judea leader sarcastically talks to Brian after he seeks refuge in their HQ.

The Holy Hand Grenade in action. Doesn't it just LOOK holy?

Fear them, fear them like you've never feared anything before. The Judean People's Front crack suicide squad, that is!

Burn her! Burn her! (The building stealing bitch).

Is that it for C&C meets Monty Python? Nope, we have other things planned. More...interactive things, shall we say. Still, I hope you like the pics for now.

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