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So, you want to create a fansite? Great! You'll be welcomed into the community and become a loved member quickly and painlessly, while getting thousands of uniques every day - as long as you follow this guide. If you don't...well, I'm not responsible for whatever happens as a result. If you don't want to take my advice, then okay, I can respect that. But don't start bitching when you're on the run with half of Minnesota in a convoy of pickup trucks chasing you mercilessly.

Section A: The Name
Section B: Your Nickname
Section C: The Layout
- Graphics
- Fonts
Section D: News
Section E: Content
- Strategies
- Articles
- War Stories
- Wallpapers
Section F: The Forums
Section G: Contests

*Note: CNCSeries.Com is not responsible for any failures your site suffers as a result of following this guide, or after-effects including but not limited to: mental breakdown, suicidal thoughts, headaches, feelings of self-pity, monetary losses, the collapse of the Canadian economy, addiction to gambling, alcohol, smoking and any forms of chocolate, broken or damaged items relating to your computer, broken or damaged items relating to yourself or family members, pets, passers-by or random homeless citizens, and any outbreaks of unusual rashes or leprosy.

Have fun!

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