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Forums are often what keeps a site going - a webmaster only wants to see your "LOL's" and "OMG SHUT UP GLA SUX0RS!!!!" and he's happy, and you should be the same! Even when the little pests octuple post, take it with a smile! When they upload an entire set of BMP screenshots, be happy that they're using your forum. This is how you should arrange your forum sections for ultimate enjoyability for visitors.

C&C Games Discussion

- USA discussion
- GLA talk
- Chinese bunker
- Strategies
- General Discussion
- Support
- Another general area
- Mapping Help
- Modding help
- modding discussion

(Ditto for other games; simply change titles accordingly.)


- Music
- Sports
- Jokes
- Funny pictures
- PS2 games
- XBOX games
- Gamecube games
- gameboy
- FLAM0RZ!!!!!!!!!


- Nice feedback (guest posting allowed)
- Bad feedback (4000 posts required to post here)
- News comments
Okay, let me run through that. Firstly, no-one ever gets lost or confused in a forum - it's like, something that just doesn't occur. A mystery of nature if you will. This means that you can have as many forums as you want, making each section tidy and containing only pertinent threads.

Now, if you're a bit of a novice when it comes to forum permissions, usergroups, and so on, simply add a pleading note to areas you want kept private. Politeness goes down well, and curiosity will be lost once they see you asking them not to look. It's perfectly safe!

Bad feedback should only come from forum veterans because they know best - this way you stop people joining just to criticise you, which is very common. Anyway, who knows better? You or them? Yeah, screw 'em whatever.

Avatars, Signatures etc

Don't impose limits! Really! People want to be free, and even if it means each thread has a few megabytes of avatars and signature images to download along with the posts, and a metres of signature text to scroll won't have any posts if you impose limits. Don't be a cheapskate, over-ruling evil dictator - let them have whatever they want.

I'm aware of the sudden contradiction in areas, but this is something you have to cope with. On one hand, be evil; then pat them with the other.

*Open note to forum members: It's perfectly reasonable for you to have seizure-inducing avatars and signatures twice as long as any average post. No really , it is.

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