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Section B: Your Nickname

It's going to be present on news posts, the staff section, the forum, and used to address you while you're on the net. It's incredibly important, so don't cock the decision process up. With a couple of characters you must stamp your authority, announce your Godly prescence and simultaneously scream 'I'm nice! Love me!' - no simple task. Here are some of the popular people in the C&C Community, and their nicknames:

Hal 'Lion' Lynch
Well, is there anything more powerful and graceful as a Lion? No, and this is Hal's secret method to success. Yes, that's right - not the content, or the news, or the downloads, even though all those aspects are good too. People come and stay because 'Lion' is the guy that runs it, and who doesn't want to be on the good side of a Lion?

Chris 'Sonic' Seager
This has all the right features. Not only is it the name of quite possibly the coolest hedgehog to ever grace the gaming world, it also indicates amazing speed and power. Combine this with the fact that it's a New Zealand based site (because anyone not afraid of the All Blacks is, between you and me, probably mad) and you have the integral factor in CNCNZ's long run in the community.

Scott 'Cabal' Daniells
A well known person in the C&C universe, it's no secret that people come to Scott because they really think he's Cabal! Shockingly, there was a short stint where he did actually create an organisation called 'Nod' and played war with his 'GDI' friends across the street, but he'll tell you I'm lying, and probably try to punch me. So we'll leave that there.

Now, have you learned anything from that? I hope so. Viable nicknames that might be available for you to grab include 'Elephant' - who the in their right mind wants to piss off an elephant? - 'Mario' - for obvious reasons of everyone recognising the name and the off-chance of people contacting you for plumbing jobs - and 'Kane', although I think that's taken in many different forms. Add some numbers or random characters to ensure uniqueness.

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