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The Name

We're called "CNCSeries" for a good reason; we cover the C&C series. However, you may notice that it's "CNC" instead of "C&C" - this is a long-running undercover war in which the CNC* sites battle the C&C* sites, with other names standing by as neutrals. Be careful when you choose your name, because you are also choosing your alliance. Oh, and if you go with those damned C&C*s, stop reading this guide now. I don't wish to help your kind.

Now for the actual name - you need something that's a) catchy, b) pertinent and possibly c) welcoming and homely yet proud at the same time. The following name isn't in use (yet), so I suggest you snap it up:

There you have it! You ally with us in the name war, it's clear your site is about Command & Conquer, and with "Super 1337" in the domain, who could possibly say that your site isn't good? It's an instant success. In big lists of links, yours will stand out, be the eye catcher, the one which everyone gasps and clicks on as fast as their little mice can let them. Other alternatives are "CNCMegaHyperDeluxe", which will attract the thousands of internet users that also happen to like shopping in those giant megastores. By including all those keywords, hits are destined for you. "CNCQualityContent" doesn't actually make sense, but no-one actually puts the CNC part anywhere else in the URL except the start, and people will probably get the impression correctly and assume that you have quality CNC content.

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