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» Behind The Scenes #6 - Ash

Ash's Computer.. obviously.
Rob: Firstly Ash, give the readers some idea as to your position here at CNCSeries.Com and what it entails?
Ash: My position is 'Community Director', which mainly involves taking an active part in the community; handling affiliations and contacts, for example. Aside from that I write the odd article and content pages (such as the Generals Section)

Rob: You've been with us for just over a month now, how are you enjoying it?
Ash: It's a refreshing change, but it wasn't like I was jumping in straight away: I'd been at the forums for a long time so I knew most people there. I liked doing the Generals section, and being involved with the URSG was great.

Rob: Well we've certainly enjoyed your company so far, apart from some of your awful humour! Anyway, on with the show, tell us a little bit about your age, location and occupation.
Ash: What's wrong with my humour? It's your dodgy remarks everywhere like that one! Anyway, I'm 14, from sunny ol' England and am in Hanham High School 6 hours a day. I think I'm the youngest staff member by a few months....but I still rule

ChateƔu de Ash
Rob: (Note to self: watch out for mutiny) So when you're not busying yourself plying your trade or pounding away at Renegade, what DO you do?
Ash: (/me prepares the troops) While not slaving away at CNCSeries, I like browsing and posting at forums across the community, I like getting to know everyone and that. I also play football, tennis, and do the usual stuff like cinema-going and hanging around with mates. I used to do swimming and karate, but once I got to Club level in swimming and Black Belt LEVEL (not actually gaining the belt). I quit both...just got slightly bored. I plan to go back soon though, I'm losing my immense fitness.

Rob: Give us some information about your computer then.
Ash: My old one was a 650 Pentium 3, 318MB RAM, 3MB integrated graphics and not much else...still ran Renegade though! Served me well for two years, but we recently bought a 2.00Ghz P4, 512MB RAM, GeForce 4 MX 460 and a nice monitor. Dad has the old one, heh. I also have cable internet, so gaming is pretty sweet

Rob: What's on your favourite menu then? The usual dosage of junk food or anything more exotic?
Ash: To be frank, I'm really picky about food....rarely try anything new and prefer what I know I'll eat and like. Pizza is near the top, along with fillet steak (medium) and McDonalds is great as usual!

Rob: As long as they cook the cheese on the damn Big Macs. Fleetly changing subject, which game in the C&C series is your favourite and why?
Ash: Yeah, I hate that rubber cheese. My fave game is probably Renegade, it's a refreshing change from other C&C's and is more fun with loads of people to kill. Some don't like it, but graphics don't make a game

Ash Designed the wallpaper himself.. that's the wallpaper behind his computer.
Rob: A man of strange choice! What other games do you enjoy flexing your fingertip muscles with?
Ash: Sure to get the same reply, but I also love the Final Fantasy series. At least I get my money's worth, 50+ hours of highly enjoyable gameplay compared to 15 for most games! FF7 is my favourite, the graphics are still excellent by todays standards and completing it felt great.

Rob: You'll grow out of it. Now, I'm guessing that you're excited about C&C Generals - some thoughts?
Ash: Only when it ends! I am excited about Generals, certainly, it should be a refreshing change from Ra2 and the graphics look amazing, and have done since the early stages. Not sure about the ladder though; but we'll learn more in time...

Mr. Community himself.
Rob: Don't start me off on the ladder! What career aims do you have for the future then? Apart from working your way up the CNCSeries ranks, obviously.
Ash: No odd 'world take over' plans like you have in mind, but I'm not sure. I've been told I could do well in graphic design (not on computers though) so I might consider that...but I like writing as well and my English score was the best in 17 English teacher? I don't have a clue, but hopefully it'll be something I enjoy. Millionaire lottery win is ideal however!

Rob: Not on computers indeed, if your early efforts are anything to go by! Well I think that just about wraps it up, any secrets to tell before we leave? Are you really a forty year old truck driver for example?
Ash: I'm learning all the time. I don't think I'm 45, and I suck at driving anything down to a Go-Kart, so no to both! One quirk: I am an evil channel flicker.

Rob: That'll be all. Thanks for your time Ash. Expect another Behind The Scenes Interview to be up within a few weeks, suspect currently unknown.

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