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» Behind The Scenes #5 - Jeremy

Rob: So, Jeremy, firstly give our readers a brief introduction as to what you do at this site and how you came across it..
Jeremy: I update news for the site, which I enjoy greatly. I first came to know the site when I was on the Official RA2/YR page, and they had a post about a war story that was up on CNC Series, so I decided to check it out, and I kept checking back for updates, and eventually decided to apply for the news updater position, and here I am.

This house holds a dark, dark secret..
Rob: Fortunately indeed. Now, you're currently the youngest member of staff - tell us a bit about your age and where you live, etc.?
Jeremy: I'm 14 years old, but as of July 3rd, I will be 15. I live in a state called Colorado, which many people my have heard of recently because of our wildfires. I have been a fan of C&C games for many years among other games. I spend most of my free time either watching T.V. or playing on the computer.

Rob: You're well known for your *lengthy* community news posts - how long does it take to do one normally?
Jeremy: They usually take me between an hour or two, but they are fun to do, so it doesn't seem like it takes that long

Rob: That's dedication for you folks! Now, onto a little C&C discussion: which game in the genre is your favourite and why?
Jeremy: Its hard to decide what my favourite is, I'm a big fan of RA2/YR and Renegade. I like RA2/YR because of the strategy involved, and I like Renegade because of the strategy and the idea of a 3D C&C Game

Jeremy is a CNC nut!
Rob: So you're very excited about Generals I take it?
Jeremy: Extremely excited. It appears that it will be an excellent game. The graphics look really good, and I like the idea of having a modern day type story involved plus, I'm a RTS player at heart.

Rob: Just like myself. So, what games do you partake of when not immersing yourself in the C&C Universe?
Jeremy: My favourite game is Medal of Honour: Allied Assault, which I have been playing a lot recently. I also like to play games like Star Trek Armada 2, and the popular Age of Empire games, with the occasional playing of The Sims (mainly on the weekends).

Jeremy's Base of Operations
Rob: Any future career plans (or is it a bit too early for that?)?
Jeremy: I would love to do something with computers like designing games and such, but I would also like to become a lawyer

Rob: Interesting. So, onto more important subjects, ala food, what's your favourite dish so to speak?
Jeremy: That is a tough question, I love food. I would have to say that my favourite food would either have to be Pizza, or Chicken Fried Stake, with either water or PowerAde to wash it down

Rob: PowerAde huh? We don't have that here in Britain (thank God?). Swiftly departing from that question, here's another one: if you won a million pounds (or in your case dollars), what would you do with it?
Jeremy: First, I would update my comp to the best money could buy, then I would spend a bunch on games and other software, then buy a bigger house, better T.V., and spend what's left on trips and food.. and get a better car than I already have.

Jeremy showing off his renowned Chesire Cat impersonation..
Rob: Sounds good. Have you got any unusual hobbies or like any particular sports?
Jeremy: Unless you consider playing computer games and PS2 games at every chance I get a hobby, not really. I do like to watch professional wrestling, Nascar, football(not soccer), hockey, basketball, and I occasionally watch baseball. I do like to play basketball, and go bike riding, and I'm a pretty good shooter

Rob: American Football, please! You've enclosed a picture of your computer: what are the stats for it?
Jeremy: Although I had it built for me, I didn't get to choose much of what I have in it, but it has a 1.0GHz processor, an 18.6 GB hard drive, GeForce2 video card, and 356 MB of RAM: I do plan to update some of the things on it such as the video card and processor the first chance I get.

Rob: Well, time to wrap things up I do believe. Any parting comments or shout outs you'd like to make?
Jeremy: Not really, I just want to say that the games that are shown in the picture I took of them, is only a small portion of my games, I just keep a large portion of them at my grandparents. And a word of advice to everyone: Practice makes perfect.

Rob: A true games addict you are! Well, thanks for your time, that's that.

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