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» Behind The Scenes #4 - Wraith

Rob: First off Wraith, tell the visitors what your job is here at CNCSeries.
Wraith: Well I write warstories for the site, quite an enjoyable job I might add.

Rob: You've been with us for a long time.. since Version 4 I think? How did you come across the site?
Wraith: Honestly I can't remember. I think it was when we merged our clans a long long while back.

Wraith's Setup
Rob: Ah I remember now! Tell the readers a little about yourself.. name, age and personality traits.
Wraith: My full name is Aaron James Fraley and im 18. I am a self confessed lego fiend and I have a bit of an evil streak in me - muahahaha!

Rob: You're also a bit of a military buff. Where does this love for all things military stem from?
Wraith: Well most of my family, at least on the Fraley side, has served in almost every major American war since the Revolution except the Persian Gulf and Balkan conflicts. That was where my first inspiration came from - plus you just gotta love all the weaponry.

#1 - Dragon Artwork
Rob: Weaponry huh? Do you use guns a lot then? (And could you outshoot Jim!?)
Wraith: Yes, I love guns. I have a .3006 and a .22 plus a World War 1 bolt-action rifle and a Civil War musket. The last two are family heirlooms and, for your second question, there is no doubt that I could outshoot Jim.

Rob: Would be an interesting duel :) Right, tell us when your love of the C&C genre started and what games in it you play the most.
Wraith: I started in the C&C genre with the original, as a matter of fact it was the first game I bought. I mostly play RA2 now.

Rob: A good choice. So, are you currently in employment or education?
Wraith: Im currently employed at, now don't laugh, BJ's Wholesale Club. Im going to the Art Institute of Atlanta at the end of September so I won't be there for much longer.

The Desktop
Rob: On the topic of art, you've included a couple of pieces of your work. I take it you're very keen on art?
Wraith: Why yes I am. I have been drawing ever since I was... well as long as I can remember.

Rob: What games do you like to play besides ones set in the C&C Universe? Military-themed ones by any chance?
Wraith: Well yesterday I bought Soldier of Fortune 2. Its a great game and all but it doesnt seem as realistic as the original. Also I've been playing Civilization 3.

Rob: Both good choices indeed. Have you any plans for the future? Are you after being a full-time artist?
Wraith: I'm actually going for Media Arts and Animation - so I might be able to get a job with a company like Westwood and do the mission briefings.

#2 - A Numpti.
Rob: Interesting. Obviously an interview with you would be amiss without some discussion of your talent for writing. How long have you being writing for and what (if anything) inspires your storylines?
Wraith: Ive been writing for awhile, nothing real good, as a matter of fact The Sub was my first good story. Not bad coming from someone who failed English, huh? As for what inspires my storylines I really don't know, sometimes it will just pop into my head and others I'll read something and say "Hey that looks cool"

Rob: Failed? Wow. That's encouragement to all you flunkers out there! So.. how many people in your family and do you have any pets?
Wraith: It's not as if I was bad at English.. I just would rather read Tom Clancy than the crap that they had. There are four people in my household and I have 2 dogs, a beagle and some mix, and a cat named Binky, he's going on 11 years old now.

Wraith's Bedroom
Rob: So, how excited are you about C&C Generals? Do you think it will be a hit?
Wraith: Yes I am excited. I've been wanting a modern warfare C&C for some time now. I think it will be a hit not only because of the C&C Label but also the graphics look better and better with every new screenshot I see. Im still disappointed that there is no navy - they at least could have given the Americans the PBR and the GLA some kind of Vietnamese sampan so we could have some kind of river battles like in 'Nam.

Rob: Time for another quick topic change. What are your favourite foods and 'liquids'?
Wraith: Well my favourite food is none other than a good ol' juicy hamburger with all the trimmings. As for 'liquids' as you put it, I drink lots of soda (Coke) and some Southern Comfort or some beer doesnt hurt either.

Rob: It certainly doesn't! Now, you've included a picture of your computer setup. Looks pretty good.. what are the specs?
Wraith: I have a 850 mhz processor, 128 megs SyncDRAM, GeForce 2, 30 gig hard drive, 8x CD-RW drive and a DVD drive.

Evil Streak? Definitely.
Rob: Not bad. You've included a photo of your room as well. It's.. a mess.. what's your excuse?
Wraith: Well I had an unfortunate accident with one of my lego creations, a 4 ft long space ship. Because of my butterfingers it slipped out of my hands when I was gonna add a new section to it and what you see in the pic is the remains of it and the extra hull section.

Rob: Unlucky! Well I think I've quizzed you enough. Any 'last words' before we put you out to the firing squad (a.k.a. the fans)?
Wraith: Hmm let me think... nope not really.

Rob: Ok, well thanks for your time. I'd also stick to writing, lego is clearly not your thing ;)

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