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» Behind The Scenes #3 - Paul

Rob: To start things off, tell the readers what you do at this site..
f1reburn: Well, my official title is that of "Editor". You can find me doing anything and everything really, from map tactics to articles and news posting.

Rob: Right, now would care to englighten us, briefly, as to your persona and age?
f1reburn: My name is Paul Tait and I'm a wee junior aged 15, until July at least.

'The Treasure Trove'
Rob: You're currently at school.. studying hard for your GCSES - how do you manage to devote time to CNC Series whilst constantly revising?
f1reburn: Well, my first exam isn't until the 22nd May, but I do tend to do one hour per of revision per day - that usually leaves me plenty of time to do my part for the site.

Rob: Like many of the other staff members, you're an avid sports fan. What sports are your favourites and which ones do you play most?
f1reburn: I'm a self-confessed football addict (that's soccer for you people across the pond). I have been quite successful in it also, playing against one or two premiership club's youth sides. I also enjoy my Badminton and I used to partake in that foolish sport named Cricket.

Rob: Only the unenlightened scoff at the monocle that is cricket. Now, tell us what you think about your favourite C&C games?
f1reburn: My favourite C&C game is Red Alert 2. However Yuri's Revenge is more fun to play a good old 'ffg' in, RA2 is where you prove your skills. I was a fan of Tiberian Sun as well, playing regularly although not involved in the community. I first found C&C at my cousins house who had Red Alert for his Playstation, I had one go and I was hooked.

He has many more bibles apparently.
Rob: What games do you like to play apart from C&C ones?
f1reburn: I used to be an avid Championship Manager fan (I even have the 96-97 season edition!). I also partook in the delights of Unreal Tournament - far too regularly for my own good and currently you can find me playing Counter Strike along with yourself representing dats.

Rob: Good choices. Now, time for that old question, 'what do you want to be when you grow up'?
f1reburn: Well, extremely rich, powerful and most importantly, happy. I hope to achieve this by possibly being a journalist or an advertising guru in 'the big town'. Although I don't have any career plans set in stone as of yet.

Rob: 'The Big Town' would imply that you live in 'the sticks'?
f1reburn: Yes, I'm a country lad. I was born in a town but I was out of there by the age of 4 and now live in a village. It has it's good points such as no trouble etc. But it's not lively enough and the 'farms to houses' ratio of my road is horrendously high, although I'm glad to say you won't find a straw-chewing old man under our roof.

Rob: What food and drink are you fond of then?
f1reburn: I'm a big fan of Italian food, with my favourites being pasta and lasagna. When it comes to drink I like most soft drinks apart from ginger beer (foul) and any quality English lagers, Red Square or Wkd's; I like them all.

Rob: So, when you're not on your computer, playing football or studying, what do you get upto?
f1reburn: I like going to the cinema, the last film I saw was 'Ali G, In Da House' and I'm off to see Episode II tonight. I also like to just hang around with my mates and, of course, attend the odd party, or two.

Ever heard of folders?
Rob: Or three. You're a decent Ra2 player (Evidence), how did you become a good player?
f1reburn: Well I first learnt a few things myself by experimenting with various ideas against the computer and seeing which ones worked online. I also found the (Strategy Guide) a quick reference for the odd tactic or two, but my main influence was playing against good players and taking note of their tactics and in particular learning from a guy called Henl86 who a lot of you will recognise as one of the best RA2 players ever (and yes I've beaten him before, (3 times) but having said that he's beaten me at least half a dozen times).

Rob: Yet you've never beaten me! Anyhow, give us some information about your favourite movies and television shows..
f1reburn: That's because you won't ever play me again, because you know you'll lose! Well my favourite TV shows are traditional British comedy like Monty Python, The Fast Show, Alistair McGowan's Big Impression and of course The Simpsons (even though it isn't British). My favourite movie is Terminator 2, closely followed by such classics as The Matrix and American Pie 2.

Rob: You know full well that my Ra2 & YR cds are knackered! Moving swiftly on, if you were to win the lottery, what would you buy?
f1reburn: If I won the jackpot then I'd buy a Mclaren F1, a huge mansion and old rob here a new computer so he can wave goodbye to his current one.. 4mb integrated video card and all!

Mobiles work better mate.
Rob: Hmph.. very funny. Whilst we're on the subject of computers, give us a lowdon your comp's specs.
f1reburn: My computer is an Advent 8802 bought from the local 'rip-off crew' at PC World two years ago when I knew nothing about computers, a mistake not to be repeated later this year hopefully. It has an AMD Athlong 950mhz processor, 384 MB RAM, GeForce 2 32mb MX Graphics card, 40GB HD and a CD-RW/DVD combo drive.

Rob: Want to swap? Anyhow, I think that about rounds things up - any parting comments or witty quotes before we leave?
f1reburn: Yes (in regard to the latter question!): "The difference between insanity and genius is measured only by success".... oh and 'viva la cncseries'.

Rob: That's all folks.

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