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» Behind The Scenes #2 - erikmcfar

Rob: First of all Erik, just tell the readers what your position is at this site and what jobs it entails.
Erik : Well my 'official' title is Strategy Boss - which originally intailed posting updating the Tip of the Day section, Walkthroughs, and Map Tactics. However, lately I seem to be doing just about everything: articles, war stories and forum administration - you name it, I do it.

Rob: Along with myself, you're one of the longest serving members of staff. Tell us how you came across the site all those many moons ago.
Erik: Well to tell the truth I came across the site the January after the release of Red Alert 2. My friend and I played the game and he pointed me to another fan site where he had gotten several things for his modding. After that I began to search the community and then I found my way to this site whilst it was known as Red 2 World. I posted an idea for the expansion (long before Yuri's Revenge was announced) and the feedback I got was very postive - so I joined the forums, started out as a Public Relations Agent and worked my way up.

Rob: Well, like most of the staff, you're a student - what subjects are you currently taking and where?
Erik: I'm currently in college/university which is quite different from high school or secondary school. In college my major is Computer Science (although this might change), but I have to take general education courses to meet graduation requirements. As for what I am currently taking: German, Programming, Critical Thinking (Writing), Military Science and Calculus. I attend Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. For those of you who have no clue where Kirskville is, it is located in Northeast-Missorui and for those of you who don't know where Missouri is it is located in the middle of the United States of America. And if you don't know where the USA is...I can't help you.

Sitting Pretty? Nah!
Rob: So, let's talk a little CNC - which is your favourite game in the series? And why?
Erik: I would have to say that Red Alert 2 is my favourite, because although I like the new Allied and Soviet units in Yuri's Revenge, Yuri's side just ruins it for me. I'm not a geat fan of Renegade either.

Rob: As decisive as ever. You're well known for your love of the Debate Section in the forum - where does this natural tendency to argue stem from?
Erik: Well someone has to keep Jim's pro-terrorist propeganda in check.

Rob: True! Right. Onto the grizzly subject of that picture of your room. It's a horrible tip - it's a shrine to untidiness. How do you live in those surroundings? Erik: You must mistake that mess behind me for mine. That mess belongs to one of my room-mates. I quitle like the surroundings and not having parents breathing down your neck all the time. The only real challenge has been dealing with my 3 roommates sports allegiances as I always get picked on for supporting professional sports teams that are currently, shall we say, 'unlucky'.

Rob: Tell us about your favourite past-times, one of which I believe is running?
Erik: Yes, well I could talk all day about how great a sport running is, but I'll save you the lecture. My other favourite past-times are watching American Football or South Park. I enjoy most physical activities, as I am a natural athlete and have no problem with conditioning or any such petty things as during cross country season we usually run 50-65 miles a week.

Rob: So, have you any plans for taking over the world? Or do you intend to go into a more normal career instead?
Erik: Taking over the world is so cliché. I just want to become filthy rich like any other true blooded capitalist. But if I can do anything to help out my country in the process then why not?

No, it's not a prison.

Rob: What's your favourite movie, book and food then?
Erik: Rob, how can you do that to me? There are so many great movies to choose from: Lord of the Rings, Monthy Python and the Holy Grail, Patton, Bond Series (Connery, Brosnan, or Moore) - I could go on all day. My favourite book I would probably say to be Rainbow Six, by Tom Clancy. My favourite food is a nice thick juicy hamburger.

Rob: A good choice Erik, a good choice. So, what other games do you play apart from ones in the C&C Series?
Erik: Well, my favourite aside from ones in the C&C Series would have to be Half-Life: TFC - the blood, action, and adventure is just so great. I also like "real" strategy games like Force 21 and Rainbow Six, etc.

Rob: Are you looking forward to C&C Generals? And more importantly, do you think you'll be able to beat me at it?
Erik: Yes I am, but hopefully Westwood's experience with Emperor will have hammered out all the glitches and help to make it a great game. I thought you might try to get a cheap one in. So I have a question for you. When are you going to play me in a Naval War game?


Rob: I remember beating you on Official Tournament B - you can make your little ships on that! Anyhow, now that I've managed to slip in our famous Ra2 rivalry, who are your other 'favourite opponents'?
Erik: Excuses, excuses, excuses. Well hands down my favourite rival would have to be allieddog - even though I have beaten him in every single match but one (a debatable one I may add). Nowadays, F1reburn and I have seemed to have developed quite a rivalry.

Rob: Swiftly moving on, give us some sort of 'scoop' on an interesting habit or personality trait.
Erik: I like to sleep in till about 1 or 2 in the afternoon on non-school days.

Rob: Have you got any pets at home?
Erik: Yes at home I have two dogs: one German Sheppard and one Chocolate Labrador - as well as two cats. Here at college we're not allowed to keep any pets, except for fish!

Rob: Well, it's getting late in this part of the world, so we'll wrap things up with this quickly thought-out, final question: do you have any final words?
Erik: Never send a politician to do a General's job.

Rob: Thanks for your time Erik, now go and clean your room before someone gets lost underneath all that mess ;)

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