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» Skinning Guide Part 6: The Final Movement

Yep, a *little* bit of work still to be done...

1. Now you've finished your skin, you need to move your DDS into the Renegade folders. Find your file and copy it into the Renegade "Data" Folder. The default directory should end up as "C:\Westwood\Renegade\Data\"

2. Well that was a bit of a crusade wasn't it? Time to admire the fruits of your labour. Before you run Renegade however, you may want to edit the Skirmish config file in the Data folder, and change the starting credits to something higher than 400. This means you can buy the vehicle with first having to save up funds.

3. Jump into the "Multiplayer Practise" mode, and jump in your vehicle! If you get an all black monstrosity, you've setup the wrong format of DDS file in the Save properties. Refer back to the "Saving your skin" section for more revision.

4. The final thing to do is to grab a screenshot, and zip up your skin for distribution. Push Ctrl - alt - Prt Scr, then quit Renegade and load up Paint Shop Pro. Paste in your screenshot (Ctrl-v), and choose (File), (Export), (To JPEG). Compess it until you get a relatively decent filesize (50-100k), remembering that this is simply a teaser for potential downloaders.

5. Boot up NotePad, and do up a quick read me.

6. Zip the readme, screenshot and the skin itself into a Zip file, making sure it adheres to my golden skinning rules!

Part Seven: Jim's Golden Skinning Rules

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