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» Skinning Guide Part 4: Editing The Skin

Well, if you've got this far, congratualtions! Now onto the difficult task of actually making your own skin, and the RELATIVELY easy task of saving the DDS file, and running Renegade. The process i'm using to edit the skin is very simple, and comes up with a relatively good and original skin. There is absoloutely no point in plagirising someone else's thoughts, inspiration is one thing, copying someone else is another all together. And don't keep skins to yourself!.

1. Open up Paint Shop Pro, double click the "v_gdi_apc" file, and choose "No" when asked to display MIP maps. You now have the basic skin of the APC. For this tutorial, i'm going to import a Flag and put it on the side panel. If you're familiar with Paint Shop Pro, do your own thing here, and skip to the "Saving the Skin" Section

2. Being a patriotic fool, I'm going to import a Saltire onto the side of the APC. (Saltire = Scottish Flag). For good flag images, I would recommend you check out The CRW Flags Site, for most of your needs. If you feel you must have flag of the under-secretary of the Knesset, I would recommend the Flags of the world site for all of your weird and wonderful flag needs.

3. Open up both your flag and the v_gdi_apc skin into the Paint Shop Pro "Work Area". If you look at the diagram here, you'll see the relative areas of the skin. One thing to notice is that there is only one "side" panel, meaning whatever you put on one will be reflected in the other side. This means you can't put writing on the panels here, as it will be garbled on one side. There is no problem with the majority of flags however.

4. Copy your flag, and paste it into the skin. (ctrl-c, then ctrl-v). This becomes a new layer, a self editing "plate" mounted on top of the "base" layer of the skin. Since the flag will dwarf the skin, choose the resize button, and cut the flag to between and quarter and a sixth of it's original size.

Part Five: Saving The Skin

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