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» Skinning Guide Part 3: Ripping The Skin

1. You now have to "rip" the skins from Renegade's core files using Olaf's wonderful and spanking little utility called the XCC mixer. This allows you to view and edit the core files which combine to make up the Renegade game.

2. You can now run the XCC Utilities. Automatically, it will locate and find all of your Westwood games, including C&C Gold, Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Firestorm, Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge and of course, Renegade.

3. From the menu, scroll down to the tab, and let it expand out. It will list all of the games the program has located. Select Renegade, and another list will present itself. The files it shows are the core files of Renegade, editing these is used to modify the game.

4. Since we want to change the skins, open up "Always.bat", this contains almost all of the graphical components used in Renegade. Look for the files witch are listed as type "DDS", as they include the skins. Because i'm a bit of a saddo, I find it relatively interesting to look through the screeds and screeds of graphics. Once you're finished faffing about around inside the file, get to the vehicle skins. This tutorial will "rip" the skin which form the GDI Armoured personal carrier, (GDI APC) and apply a small change to it.

5. A Note: Prior to extracting the file file, it is advisable to create a folder on the desktop to ghettoise your skinning antics. Name it "My Project", or "Bob's Skins" or whatever. It is incredibly useful to have this divided again for each skin: Not only will it allow you to seperate them easily, it also is good for the health of your hierachical file structure.

6. Navigate down the file listing until you reach "v_gdi_apc" in the DDS file set. If you've played either Multiplayer Practise or the massive Command and Conquer Mode online, you should recognise this skin as that of the APC. You now need to extract (remove) the DDS file containing the skin from the .MIX file in which it is currently stored. The XCC mixer, thankfully, automates this complex process for you. Right Click the file, and from the list of options choose , and save the file to your folder. Bingo.

7. You can now view your skin by opening up Paint Shop Pro, and opening the "v_gdi_apc" file. It is CRITICAL that you select "No" when asked whether or not to display MIP Maps. These replicate the master skin at different ranges, and should only be altered if you want some kind of multi-coloured APC at different ranges... Now that gives me an idea...almost as good as my "Tartan Tank" idea......

Part Four: Editing The Skin

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