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» The General - Chapter 14

As luck would have it, it began to snow, and very heavily at that, where the drop was supposed to be made of ALPHA Team, this was good for ALPHA Team because it meant that them being detected was even less likely, however the plane ride was a lot less smooth, but that didn't bother the team. General Conrad had moved his gear out of the way so it wouldn't accidentally get mixed with ALPHA teams'. All of the ALPHA team members had been hand selected by General Conrad and Durvey for their ability to survive behind enemy lines, ability to speak Russian fluently(the exception being Agent Tanya), and each member had a special purpose, either to work the radio, or specialize in explosives, or specialize in stealth and close combat. At approximately 2030 HOURS they reached the drop zone, first the equipment was dropped then one by one each member of the team parachuted out. After all the ALPHA Team members had the corporal responsible for making sure everyone got out okay came over to where General Conrad had been hiding.
"Sir, your up." the Corporal said.
"Good I was getting cold back here." responded Conrad. And then attached with his bag he jumped out he was going to trail the team until they got near the base then would make his own way in. Once on the ground he gathered his bad, put it on his back and headed towards the Team.

After a short period of the Team gathering their gear and regrouping they noticed that one of the Team members were missing.
"Hey where is Matthews?" asked Captain Theary ALPHA Team Leader. No one knew so he ordered them to split up and look for him.
"I found him!" shouted Agent Carswell. All the members rushed over to where Carswell was hovered over Matthews's dead body. Theary crouched over him and then spoke.
"He must have broken his neck by hitting a tree on the way down." was the explanation he gave. Matthews was the radio operator on the mission, whose task was to tell X-35 that they were on their way back after the completion of their mission. This wasn't going to complicate the mission too much, just they would have to wait a little longer to be picked up from Hungary, when the rest of the Team moved on Theary grabbed a notebook out of Matthews' pocket, then proceeded to catch up with the group. They moved on to a small abandoned village that the Soviet's had forced out due to the base. This made for a perfect place to stay over night.

A few minutes later Conrad had come upon where the Team had landed, he found Matthews' body partially covered by snow. He then pulled his body out of the snow drift and examined it. He noticed a bruise on the back of his neck. Where he had been hit with a blunt object at close range, probably the end of a rifle and most likely overlooked by the Team members, if they found them at all. He pushed him back into the snow drift and continued towards the village where the Team had gone just in a different hut.

The team had arrived at the village just before it became totally dark. Then picked a house that they came to first. The team went inside and put their stuff away for the night and began to settle in.
"Damn!" Theary exclaimed. "I left the code book in Matthews' pocket."
"I'll go get it, sir." Carswell eagerly said.
"No, it was my mistake, I'll go do it." Theary replied. "If I am not back in an hour shoot off one flare every minute until I get back."
"Won't that alert the Russians?" Tanya questioned.
"I can assure you there are no Russians within five miles of this place and even those are hunkered down in their bunkers." reassured Theary. He then headed out the door and then remembered he had gotten it and put it in his pocket and went back inside.

General Conrad had been only a few hundred meters behind the team, he saw them move into a house, then he very carefully moved into a shed directly adjacent to the hut. He almost was seen by Captain Theary when he exited the house. He dove into a nearby snow drift and after he went back inside, Conrad quickly moved to the shed. He entered the shed and began to unpack some of his stuff.
"Show me your face." commanded a female voice from the darkness. Conrad stopped what he was doing and turned towards the voice. He walked closer stepping into the light were he could be seen clearly. After seeing who it was the woman came towards Conrad.
"Its been a long time...Yleana." Conrad said.

Yleana Armosov was 5'7" 125 lbs, she had silky dark brown hair that barely reached her shoulders. He exactly as I remembered, Conrad thought to himself. He had first met her while on his first assignment in Burachest, Romania almost nine years ago. She was working as an assistant to the Romainian Minister of Defense at the time. It was Conrad's job to seduce and bring her into the allies court, which he did, however, their relationship blossumed unexpectedly. They were practically inseperable on missions after that, were one was the other was always near by. Through her "good" work in the Romanian MOD, she was promoted to Moscow where she reported directly to the Soviet Defense Minister. The last time they had seen each other was in Kiev, six years ago, they were trying to track down some stolen radioactive materials the situation was a disaster, double agents working for the Soviet Union had alerted the gov't that two allied agents were on the case, while the covers not being compromised the mission was a complete failure. The thinking was that their "feelings" for each other was compromosing missions so MI6 and CIA decided to "seperate" the two, though the reason was never told to either of the two. Conrad was sent out east to the monitor the Soviet Pacific Fleet and Yleana was reinserted into the Soviet hierachy.
The woman then walked up to Conrad and slapped him across the face. "I suppose I deserved that." Conrad admitted grasping his face in pain.
"That's for Kiev." Yleana replied.
"You really think I had a choice? I wanted to go back so much. But, getting the Prime Minister to safetly was the primary concern at the moment. I thought you'd be able to handle yourself. Was I wrong?"
"No. I guess not. But six years...nothing. I thought they got you. The least you could have done was drop me a line, not make me worry."
"I never stopped caring about you. Things just happend. Just not the way in which I intended."
"I know...I just miss you." Yleana said almost breaking into tears. "So what is so important that I needed to be in the middle of Poland during a snow storm."
"Here's all the information you'll need, your assingment, cover, etc." Conrad said handing it over to her. She took a minute to browse the folder.
"Just like old times then?"
"Yes just like old times." Conrad responded. "You better get some sleep its a bit of a walk to the nearest road. I need to check in." She complied as Conrad took out his radio.
"Watch Dog calling Babysitter. Watch Dog calling Babysitter, over."
"We read you Watch Dog, over." responded Babysitter.
"ALPHA Team minus one, at the village, over." explained Watch Dog.
"Who was it and was it by the Russians, over?" questioned Babysitter.
"Matthews and no, over." replied Watch Dog.
"Was it on accident?" asked Babysitter.
"No, over." replied Watch Dog.
"Watch Dog, I want you to abort the mission, get out of there while you still can, over." ordered Babysitter.
"Negative, mission objectives still obtainable." replied Watch Dog.
"Damn it, Adrian get out of there now!" exclaimed another voice. But nothing but static was heard.
"I guess this is my fault, sir." one of the two "Babysitters" said.
"No, it's both ours." responded the other.
"We're getting too old for this sort of thing." stated Babysitter.
"Yes, we are. Hopefully Watch Dog can find a way." the second responded as he looked out the window to the airfield of X-35.
"He always does sir." the first countered. The more senior officer smiled and continued to look out the window and studied the activity on the runways.

The Team had woken up very early about 0530 HOURS, but Conrad had already been up an hour to see that Mockingbird got a good start. The storm had died down and he could see the team embark for the base. A few minutes later Tanya split from the group and headed to her designated area. Conrad continued following the main body of the Team, keeping a very safe distance between them. They were almost to the base entrance, and then it happened. Five Soviet flack tracks came storming into the woods the stopped and out came almost 75 men, the team was surrounded, they put up a brave fight taking out a good number of Russians but eventually the Team was subdued and they were captured. Theary was the only lucky one taking three bullets to the head; he would not have to go through the intense integration. Despite every urge in his body Conrad watch from about 200 m. He knew he couldn't do any good, so he stayed put. After the Russians left he double timed it to catch up with Tanya from committing a suicide run. The Russians had obviously been tipped off, the mission had to be completed another way. He almost was too late just seeing Tanya before she began her Rambo-style assault. He quietly crept up behind her and just when she was about to make her move Conrad grabbed her and put his had over her mouth.
"You were about to make an unhealthy mistake." whispered Conrad. "Turn round and don't scream." She did as he said and almost alerted the entire base when she saw who it was.
"What are you doing here?" she said extremely shocked to see Conrad there.
"Change of plans, the Team has been captured and we must find a different way into the base. Conrad replied.
"Okay, but how?" Tanya responded. This question had even puzzled Conrad for a few seconds till he saw a lone flack track stopped a few hundred meters away from the base.
"There!" he pointed towards the flack track. "Wait here." He took off the white coat he had on revealing the Russian Colonel's uniform he had on, he then grabbed an officers cloak from his bag and put it on and proceeded to the flack track.

"What are you doing there?" Conrad yelled in Russian to the men in the flack track.
"Sir, forgive us we stopped to change a flat tire." responded one of the conscripts.
"Well, how many men do you have and do you have room for one officer?" question Conrad.
"Two others, sir and of course." responded the same Russian. Conrad smiled and the Russian turned to summon his comrades but before he was able to Conrad grabbed him and snapped his neck. He fell to the snow with a thud.
"Was that you Mishka?" one of the other Russians said. The two others emerged from the other side to see Mishka lying on the ground and above him was an officer and a Russian officer at that. They were puzzled.
"What..." as the Russian was pumped full of 9 mm silenced rounds. The other came quickly only to suffer the same fate as the second. As Tanya witnessed him take out the three Russians, she saw a side that she had never seen of the General. Before she had only seen him sitting in is command tent, issuing orders at random, just like every other field commander. However, this too was an inaccuracy. He often time spent more time in the field than in his command tent, the only radio, he having happened to be stored in the command tent, so when ever they communicated that's where it was from. She also began to wonder how someone with his limited combat experience, or she had been told, was so ruthlessly efficient in close arms combat and in Russian. Conrad had finished hauling all of the bodies into the brush and then motioned for Tanya to get in the back of the flack track. Conrad met her in the back.
"Take off your clothes." ordered Conrad. Tanya stared back at the General with a very unhappy look. She then took off her jacket and then began to slowly take off her top, with a look of total disgust with the order. "What the hell are you doing?" Conrad asked.
"But..." Tanya began to respond, then Conrad tossed her a Russian uniform and her confusion had cleared up.

"Halt!" ordered the guard at the gate in Russian. "Let me see your papers!" Conrad complied and took some documents out of his briefcase and handed them to the guard. He looked over them and then spoke again. "Okay, these check out move on." Once inside the base Conrad parked the flack track as to block others, they both got out grabbed his bags and hurried towards the main entrance of the base. The made it to a small room that apparently was a janitor's closet, there they stashed the bags that Conrad had been carrying all this way.
"Okay, first order of business is to silence the radio room." Conrad commanded. He took out an AK-47 and two silencers, the silencers being for the end of Tanya's guns. "Do you can think you can handle being quiet for a change?" Tanya gave him a dirty look; he then slung the Russian automatic weapon on his shoulder, picked up his bags and the proceeded to the radio room. When they arrived Conrad motioned Tanya into the radio room. Before she could enter he grabbed her arm.
"Quietly." he reminded Tanya. She again rolled her eyes at Conrad and entered the room. She immediately made eye contact with one of the two men that were in the room, he smiled and she smiled back, the man then apparently made his friend come look at what he had discovered. As Conrad waited outside he was having an extremely difficult time containing his laughter, eavesdropping on the events taking place in the radio room he also wondered what the soldiers were thinking when they didn't get a response of what they said to her. Then with two quick thuds silence filled air. Conrad then entered the room and disabled the radio equipment so it could never be used again.
"It took you long enough." commented Conrad.
"What where they saying." Tanya ordered.
"What was who saying?" Conrad replied with a dumbfounded look on his face.
"The two Russians lying on the ground." Tanya enlightened.
"They just wanted to know if the storm had let up any." Conrad came up with. To his surprise Tanya had accepted what he had said. They then pushed on.

"Wait here." ordered Conrad. He then moved round the corner to the supposed main desk of the base. "I am Saseh Aramov, KGB. I need the location of Sara Zurkofka's quarters." asked the secretary as he flashed his identification. She complied with his response and gave him the general directions to the location. "Thank you. You have been most cooperative." replied Conrad with a wink. He continued in the direction that the secretary had pointed him to.

"What now?" Tanya impatiently asked. Conrad began knocking on the door.
"Who is it?" replied the voice from the other side of the door.
"A friend." replied Conrad.
"Quickly, inside Adrian." Yleana said as she opened the door.
"I see you made it okay, Mary." Conrad asked.
"Just barely, I was almost seen by a patrol went I was coming into town." replied Yleana.
"Well I know no other person who can wiggle her way out of compromising positions." Conrad complemented.
"But what I don't understand are these papers and orders, they couldn't have been done overnight or even in a week." Mockingbird questioned. He and Mary had worked together on many assignments before and they both knew that she deserved an answer but Conrad was hesitant because Agent Tanya, but he finally broke down.
"I assume this room is clean?" Conrad questioned and Mockingbird replied with a positive. He then handed her more papers and left his bags in her room. "Be sure to follow the instructions to the letter, Mary." Conrad emphasized. He and Tanya then left the room and proceeded to an area that was blocked off.
"Oh great a dead end, Sir." Tanya stated sarcastically.
"Not exactly." replied Conrad pointing to a ventilation shaft. They both got in the vent and Conrad put the cover back on the opening they then preceded through a labyrinth till they reached another opening. They dropped out of the vents and onto an area above a great room with a large table and a great fire place. Seated at the table were two Russian officers.
"What are we waiting for lets get 'em, sir." Tanya whispered.
"Patients, Tanya." replied Conrad. After a span of a few minutes several others entered the room. It was the members of ALPHA Team that had been captured along with a guard. "That's quite alright, we are all comrades here, wait outside." the Russian General spoke. The guards who had escorted them in left as they were told.
"Sit comrades." ordered the other officer in English, a colonel at that. "Now, what exactly was your mission and your escape plan?" Agent Carswell spoke up of the mission objectives, which took about five minutes and then told about the plan to escape from Hungary not, Poland.
"Excellent, then when will you be ready to go back?" the General questioned.
"Go back? Are you mad? Not with Tanya still alive, she will spot us as traitors immediately." Hofferty spoke up.
"I wouldn't worry about her too much, she is alone, behind enemy lines and without any knowledge of Russian, she will be picked up quickly." responded the Colonel. Meanwhile above listening Conrad had motioned to Tanya that now was the time to interject.
"I hope you don't actually believe these lies, General?" Conrad spoke as he came down the staircase. There was some shock and arguing. The Colonel then reached for the phone. "I wouldn't do that Colonel." Conrad said with his rifle pointed at him.
"I demand an explanation." the Russian General exclaimed.
"All in good time, but first we have to take care of some other business." responded Conrad. He then pointed his rifle at Tanya. "Sit Down!" he ordered Tanya, who had taken up position on the opposite side of the table. She just stood still. "Sit Down!" he ordered again, this time louder. She wasn't sure what was going on but only knew he meant what he said. She finally complied, dropping her weapons to the ground. Conrad then moved over to where she was and slid the guns away from the table. He then proceeded to slowly walk around the table, studying each face and finally stopped and picked up the bottle of vodka that was on the take and proceeded to pour himself a drink and drink it.
"Well, what is going on?" the Russian General asked. Conrad finished his drink and put the glass on the table.
"Now, that we are all comfortable, I shall begin. Before I start, Colonel, would you be so good as to call in a guard, I don't plan on talking and watching everyone at the same time." The Colonel complied. "I will start with finding out who is really telling the truth. I am Major Saseh Aramov, KGB. I've been working in London supplying Moscow with information about special ops missions like this one I uncovered. First, Tanya, a second-rate whore, whose job was to seduce and assassinate both you and the General, Colonel." He received a glare from Tanya. "Now that brings us to our three comrades at the end of the table, who claim to be Russian agents and who claim that their mission from MI6 and CIA was to infiltrate the base and destroy the missile silo. When their mission actually was quite the opposite.
"That's a LIE!" shouted Hofferty. "This man is General Conrad, the COEUSF"
"Oh really Hofferty?" replied Aramov, "Tell me General or Colonel have either of you ever seen General Conrad?" Both Russians officers sat there for a moment pondering Aramov's question.
"I don't believe I have." responded the senior Russian officer.
"Then how can you believe what this man has said? All that was, is a desperate attempt to save their own skin. Now, if I may continue. Now as I said earlier their real mission was quite different than what they have told you. Their real mission was to infiltrate the base, and then instead of destroying the silos, they were to secure them."
"That's ludicrous!" screamed Carswell.
"Let him finish!" ordered the Colonel
"Thank you, Colonel. Now after they had secured the missiles they were to radio in to the German army waiting in Dresden to begin their attack. This is why General Conrad is in Europe, the Germans wanted someone with experience fighting the Russians and successful at it above all else. He would then lead 15 divisions into Poland and towards this base, after getting to this base they were to capture it and then use our own nukes against us, targeting St. Petersburg and Moscow. In the ensuing destruction we would then be crippled and have to make peace, giving the Allies time to finally overwhelm us while we stand crippled from the nuclear attacks." Aramov finished.
"But, how do we know who YOU are, Major?" questioned the General.
"Of course, my identification comes in several parts, first if I am not who I say I am, then why have I told you all this? I would have easily killed everyone from the loft above. Second, if I am who they claim I am; then why would the Americans send their top commander one a mission of sort. From our knowledge of him he has limited combat experience and nowhere does it say anything about him knowing any foreign language, let alone Russian. Also, why would the West risk their top agents on a mission, they would most likely just send a massive bombing raid. Next, this base has the capability to reach anywhere on this planet, if I am correct. Radio Admiral Zemph's Pacific Fleet Headquarters in Vladivostok and ask for his chief of intelligence a Major Gregors. The Colonel looked at the General and he nodded, he then picked up the phone.
"Yes, get me Major Gregors." asked the Colonel into the phone after a few moments of waiting for Major Gregors to wake, he finally picked up the phone.
"This is Major Gregors." came out of the phone.
"I am Colonel Stuut of the Nuclear Facility in Poland. I am here with a man that claims to be Major Aramov. Can you describe him?" asked the Colonel.
"That is unnecessary, Colonel. He was a scar that is located on his right elbow." responded Major Gregors.
"Roll up your right sleeve, Major." ordered the Colonel now talking to Aramov. Aramov complied and there it was exactly as the Major had described it.
"Now ask him how he got it?" commanded Major Gregors to Colonel Stuut.
"How did you get that scar, Major?" Stuut ordered.
"Bad Chineese." explained Aramov.
"Yes, that is Major Aramov." Gregors said laughing. "Now tell him he's a coward."
"He says you're a coward, Major." Stuut stated.
"Tell him he's a fool." responded Aramov.
"Yes, that is definitely him, Colonel." now laughing even louder.
"Thank you, Major." Stuut ended. He then hung up the phone.
"Now the final piece of my identification is that I know who the top agent in America is." stated Aramov. He took out a notebook from his pocket and then scribbled a name on it. He then showed it to Colonel Stuut who nodded in the positive.
"Now wouldn't be reasonable that if these men are who they say they are they too should be able to produce the top agent in America also? Aramov asked. Colonel Stuut and the General conferred for a moment.
"Yes, we agree, with Major Aramov." replied Stuut.
"Well, who is it?" Aramov asked to the three men at the end of table.
"We don't know, we work through our contacts, we only know our contacts." responded Carswell.
"Well then, will your guard be good enough and go and fetch some notebooks so I can compare their names to my master copy." asked Aramov. Colonel Stuut ordered the guard present to go do as Conrad asked. He returned shortly with three notebooks; then Aramov ordered the guard to distribute them to the three men at the end of the table. After a few minutes of writing Conrad collected the notebooks and handed them to Colonel Stuut, he also handed him another notebook from his pocket.
"Now Colonel we will see who really is telling the truth." Aramov stated. Colonel Stuut opened the first notebook and then opened the notebook that Aramov had given him. All eyes pointed to Stuut as he opened Aramov's notebook. As he was opening it Aramov made eye contact with Tanya who was as dazed and confused as everyone else in the room. His eyes then moved to a spot on the floor. Her eyes followed and when they say what he had wanted her to see she turned back around and gave him a half smile. Stuut at first turned the pages slowly, and then he turned the pages faster and faster, until he reached the end of the notebook.
"There is nothing here!" Stuut said, almost in a state of panic.
"I know." responded Conrad. He then pulled out his silenced 9mm and shot the guard square between the eyes. He then pointed his gun at the Colonel who was reaching for the phone, just stopping him. Tanya also joined him in his hold up after she retrieved her weapons.
"A second rate whore?" Tanya asked.
"I am sorry about that. It's all I could think of at the moment." replied Conrad. Tanya rolled her eyes at Conrad's response.
"So, these men are who they said they where?" the Colonel asked.
"Yes, we had been planning this operation for some time now. Useless and incorrect information was coming in while top-secret information was going out. It was only a matter of time when we narrowed it down to. Then when we learned of this base a year ago it gave us the perfect opportunity to weed out the rotten apples and take out a threat at the same time, unfortunately the war came and postponed our operation. And because of my position, we couldn't let it be known that I was taking part in this operation, so we conceived the whole Germany bit and using a look-a-like decoy as me, it gave me freedom to operate. That's where these five came in. I wasn't sure about the other two, till I found them dead." Conrad revealed.
"What about Major Gregors?" questioned the Russian Genera Zephyr.
"He still believes I am one of his top agents. I have been feeding him old, incorrect, and worthless information for years.
"So this whole operation was to get these names." Stuut asked as he pointed to the notebooks.
"Well, yes, but to knock out the silos as well." Conrad responded.
"You can't win, Conrad. We've got every road to Hungary blocked, I'd like to see you get through those." the Russian General said with a smirk. Conrad just smiled back.

The doors squeaked open and entered a man with a black trench coat carrying an automatic weapon.
"Everyone stay as they are till I find out what is going on in here, as he surveyed the situation." commanded the man. "You two drop your weapons and move in front of the fire place (referring to Conrad and Tanya)." Conrad complied and motioned for Tanya to do the same, since she couldn't understand what the man was saying.
"Ah...Captain Phoua, just in time to save us." responded the Russian General.
"Perhaps, but first we must find out what's going on in here." Phoua stated.
"It's quite simple, Captain, I along with the Lieutenant have uncovered a plot to assassinate Premier Romanov and Yuri.
"Lies!" Zephyr screamed.
"If you permit me I have notebooks with names and addresses of all the conspirators." Conrad said.
"Let me see them, but be very careful any wrong movements and you will be shot." Phoua said. He motioned for Conrad to come to him. Conrad approached with his arms in the air. He then slowly moved his hand to his pocket where he had stashed the notebooks. He then took them out every so slowly and presented them to the man. Just then the door swung open again and Yleana appeared. Conrad pulled out the weapon he had under his uniform and shot Captain Phoua three times. Tanya reached for her weapons and eliminated the two senior Russian officers, however, not before Stuut sounded the alarm. She also shot one of the conspirators in the head.
"Wait Tanya, we may have a use for them yet." Conrad said before she killed all of them. "Yleana get the rope out of that bag and tie up their hands." commanded Conrad. She did as he asked. "You two take the explosives and make your way to the silo's, set the charges for ten minutes, then meet me in the main radio room. Try to be as careful as possible; these two are coming with me." They hurried out the door.
"You'll never make it to Hungary, Conrad." smirked Carswell.
"Too bad I'm not going to Hungary, Carswell." Conrad smirked back. "Now out the door." They proceeded first to the armory where Conrad planted explosives after he used the one of the traitors as a human shield, while taking out the six men that were stationed there.
"Come on." he ordered the final traitor. Carswell began to resist going along with Conrad. Conrad not having the time or the patients to deal with him took his rifle and hit him in the head with the end of it; Leaving him unconscious and bleeding. He then tied up his legs and strapped explosives to him, set to detonate when the ropes that were holding him were broken. He then dragged him to a janitor closet and threw him in. He then proceeded to the other radio room in the base. When he arrived he found the room more heavily guarded than usual. There were at least ten men in there, probably due to the fact that it was the only way to communicate with the outside, quickly. He knew that just about anyway to kill all of them would sound the alarm. He glanced at his watch and thought that Tanya and Yleana had most likely already completed their task. So he then took a bold move and pulled the alarm.

The alarm glared throughout the base. No one was quite sure where it had come from. Conrad a few moments later after he had pulled it, entered the radio room.
"We are under attack! We have received word that there are allied paratroopers coming down north of the base." Conrad told them. "I need every available man to go engage them." The eight men that had been assign to protect the radio room eagerly volunteered. Conrad pointed them in the direction of the supposed attacks. They then ran out leaving only the two men you usually operated the equipment. Conrad wasted no time after the men left he shot both of them in the back of the head with his silenced 9mm. He then shoved one of the men out of their seats and sat down; he began to operate the equipment.
"Watch Dog, calling Babysitter. Watch Dog, calling Babysitter, over." he with a hurried voice. And after a moment of static he heard a reply.
"Do you have it, Watch Dog?" Babysitter questioned in an excited voice.
"Yes, I have it, I have it all." Watch Dog replied. "Request immediate evacuation at Point 75..." The power to the radio had been lost, obviously from the main control room who had witnessed unusual traffic on it. Just then Tanya and Yleana came in.
"How did the alarm get sounded?" Yleana asked.
"It was necessary for us to get out of here." replied Conrad. Moments later the alarm stopped, then over the base's intercom system a voice told the base to stand down that it had been a false alarm.
"Come on lets get out of here before we go down with the base." Conrad said hurriedly. The first exit they came to found them near the tank depot, which as Conrad noted was about two platoons strong. He also noted that the fuel had been place ever so closely to the tanks and that fuel was even left right near the tanks. He then produced some C4, a rather large piece at that; set the timer and chucked it into the gasoline storage area. The fireworks were about to begin. He ordered them to a place that was on the outskirts of the base, behind some crates.
"We should be safe here. Once the explosions start we make our way to the river." Conrad stated. Then the first explosion erupted. The group looked at their watches.
"One of them must have gone of prematurely." Yleana stated.
"No, no, our dear friend Mr. Carswell must have just woken up from his nap." replied Conrad with smile. Then one after one the other explosive went off. Consuming the base in flames. The final explosive placed in fuel depot was by far the most spectacular. When it went off not only did it cause a great fireball. It also consumed all the nearby tanks, leaving them charred and melted. Also leaving a gapping crater in the ground much to Conrad's delight. Hundreds of soldiers came rushing to try to put out the fire their attempts were in vain.
"Now's our chance." Conrad ordered. The leaped up from behind their crates and made their way to the exit. Once they got there, they were greeted by several Russian guards that had stayed put. After a moment of hesitation Conrad sprayed the party with bullets, killing them all but also taking two bullets to the right arm. He concealed the wound from view and ordered them to move on into the forest.

They made it to the river, after a fire fight with a Russian patrol they ran into. They could still hear some Russians looking for them.
"Now what?" asked Tanya. Conrad was scanning the river bed.
"There! Follow me." he ordered. He ran about 20m up the bank till he came to a thick pile of what appeared to be bushes. He then pulled back the camouflage to reveal a small motor boat. "Here help me get it into the water." Yleana and Tanya both helped drag it into the water, where he told them to get in. After they got in he started up the motor and speed off up river.
"How did you know that was there?" Tanya asked.
"I should know. I put it there...five months ago." Conrad responded. As back down the bank the Russians that were perusing them and shot at them, but with no luck. The proceeded up river a ways till in the distance they could see a bridge, however the bridge was crawling with Russian men and tanks.
"That's going to be very hard to get past." stated Yleana.
"Yes, they must have radioed in where we were headed, damn." Conrad exclaimed. They pulled the boat over to the bank to consider their options when Conrad had a burst of inspiration. "Ha, almost forgot about that." He went to the boat and began searching around for something. "Here it is." as he produced what appeared to be a detonator.
"Will never get close enough to the bridge for those to be any good." Tanya said.
"We don't need to they are already planted, also when I was here I planted explosives along the west side of the river, the side where our ride is coming in. If the explosives can cause enough panic the Russians will hopefully flee their positions on that side of the river allowing us to sneak past in our raft and under the bridge and subsequently blow it up to prevent any one harassing us. Let's just hope that the explosives are still there." Conrad explained.
"Do you have anymore tricks up your sleeve, sir?" Tanya asked. Conrad just smiled back. Conrad then switched on the device, but nothing happened. He just stared at it for a minute and then tried it again, then again and again, but nothing. He examined the device and began to try again, to no avail. Then if a fit of rage he began hitting it with his hand, soft at first then ever so harder, to the point where he was hurting his hand. He then dropped it which caused the cover and the back side to become a jar and he then picked it up and examined the source of the problem. No batteries.
"Well that might help." he said sarcastically. Going back to the boat he managed to find some spare batteries he had stashed away for this very situation he put them in the device and it turned on. Satisfied he then turned the switch for the explosives to go but, again nothing. Conrad was becoming extremely angry. He threw it against a tree began yelling at it and just before he was about to destroy it there was a loud monstrous boom that in a company to a large explosion almost knocked him off his feet. "See all it needed was some TLC." as he chuckled. The all then got in to boat and paddled, not motored up stream. Russians were running frantically all over the place as explosion after explosion went off, his plan worked and they were able to slip unnoticed past the bridge and after a quick stop under the bridge to leave another present, they disembarked from the raft and continued along the bank on foot for a couple hundred of yards till they darted into the woods. They soon came across the roar of some type of large engine.
"What is that more tanks." Yleana said panicked.
"No, our ride home." Conrad smiled. They came to a clearing where in the most beautiful sight any one had seen in some time there it was an Allied nighthawk waiting, for them. They ran up to it, to be greeted by Colonel Durvey.
"Excellent work Conrad. I didn't think you could do it." Durvey complemented
"Well, neither did I." responded Conrad. They all shuffled into the helicopter and as they were moving into the night sky they could hear the sound of Russian flack hitting near them, but they were now too far away to be in any danger.
"Can I see them Conrad." Durvey asked. Conrad dug into his pocket and produced three notebooks and presented them to Durvey. "Amazing, simply amazing." Durvey continued.
"Yes, it's unbelievable." Conrad said. "But there is one more thing I managed to get." Durvey looked in eager anticipation. "In this notebook is a name that I showed to the Colonel at the base, he agreed with me that it was the top Soviet agent in America. Durvey took the book, still giddy from the excitement and flipped through the book. He stopped cold when he reached the name. "You look surprised Colonel, it's your name." Conrad said with a cold look on his face. Durvey hesitated for a moment then grabbed his gun and pointed it at Conrad.
"You have no proof, for all you know he could be lying." Durvey said sweating profusely.
"That gun pointed at me is all the proof I need." responded Conrad. "Give it up, it's over Colonel."
"You're in no position to negotiate, Conrad." Durvey said with a big grin.
"On the contrary. Who was it that wanted you come and pick me up?...Helmsy, of course. You have been our main suspect for some time now. We only needed proof. And after we learned about this place, we came up with this plan, only the invasion postponed it. That's why I was recalled from Russia last year, not because of fear from Yuri's Psi-Corps. Also, we needed to use the base in Switzerland to launch our operation, so MI6 was brought in the loop. So do you think that Helmsy would give a traitor an operational weapon? You'll find that rifle you're carrying is as harmful as a water pistol." Conrad told Durvey. Durvey then out of desperation and hope squeezed the trigger only to find that the trigger was disconnected from the firing pin. Tanya quickly pulled out her weapons and pointed them at the traitor.
"Easy. We want the Russians to know that we cut their intelligence of at the head, just they did to ours. After all turnabout is fair play? I'm sure Romanov will be pleased when he hears his top agent squealed like a pig under the microscope of our prosecution." Conrad smirked.
"A public trial would be awfully humiliating to your beloved intelligence agency?" Durvey asked.
"Not as humiliating as being lined up before a firing squad and filled with bullets." Conrad snapped back.
"Do I have another option?" Durvey asked. Conrad just sat there staring at him. "Right. But you were wrong about one thing Conrad." he got up and moved to the side of the helicopter near the doors and stood there ready to jump.
"Oh, whats that, Durvey?"
"You'll never win, because we don't need this weak spy ring, we know when and where you're going to attack before you do without my intelligence."Durvey said smugly.
"Lucky for us I never follow orders." Conrad replied. And just as Durvey was about to jump he turned around only to see Conrad with his gun pointed at him, then a few pulls of the trigger later Durvey had a few more holes in his head and was on a one-way, express flight back down to earth via the gravity express. He sat back down and closed his eyes as to try to go to get some rest. When Yleana came up and placed her head on his right shoulder. He flinched at the pain that had avoided him till now.
"You're wounded." Yleana said examining his arm.
"I know, it's nothing." Conrad replied obviously in deep pain. The rest of the ride was uneventful except for the extraction of his stunt double from Dresden. They arrived back at X-35 about three in the morning. Where they were greeted and congratulated by CIA Director Helmsy and M from MI6, Admiral Tomlinson. There Conrad received some medical attention for his wounds, even at his persistence that it was nothing more than a scratch. They then were debriefed, where Tanya learned the truth about Conrad, most of which was just filler information to what she had heard and seen during the mission. She now belonging to an elite group of three that knew his true identity, the others included Helmsy and Tomlinson, not even the president knew probably to his benefit. They then where scheduled to leave X-35 at about 0600 for London and sometime in the early afternoon would arrive back in North America. Conrad was sitting alone in the X-35 Officer's Lounge awaiting transport back to the US.
"So what do you plan to do with your week off, General?" Yleana said sitting in the seat across from Conrad.
"I hope to see my wife, get a decent meal, and get a full nights sleep for the first time since the war started." Conrad replied.
"How is she?"
"Good, good. I hope your not mad at me for not inviting you to the wedding."
"No, no I wouldn't have come anyways....Well I've got to get back to Moscow before they notice I've been gone." Yleana said getting up.
"Hey." Conrad said grabbing her arm. "It was good to see you again."
"Yes it was. Just like old times." Yleana said walking away.
"Just like old times.." Conrad muttered to himself, he then took a sip of his drink and continued to read his report.

*    *   *   *   *   *
Two men in their middle ages sat staring out the window into a winter wonderland that had blanketed the capital of the Soviet Union. They were both enjoying themselves having round after round of vodka and soon the conversation turned to the pressing matter at hand, what they had wanted to get away from for the moment.
"So what of these reports that American resistance is stiffening. It seems this General Conrad is proving more of a problem than you had predicted. In fact, there are rumors circulation that the British, French and Germans my declare war on us soon, perhaps you need to recalibrate your thinking, Comrade Yuri." the larger of the two men spoke.
"Not even I can predict the future has accurately has you wish, Premier Comrade. Besides as long as our nuclear deterrent is operation they will do nothing but sit and watch us conquer the USA and then watch as we conquer them." spoke the other a lanky bald man. "Besides, this American you speak of is nothing more than a fly buzzing around the factory, sure his is an annoyance but he can do nothing to stop us from our enviable destiny. Besides we have other ways of getting to him." Yuri said pointing to a picture of Conrad's wife. "Now we haven't been able to pinpoint her hiding location it is only a matter of time, until we do then we will be able to punish him for his continued defiance."
"Excellent..." as the Premier laughed. He was about to say something else when he was interrupted by a knock at the door. "Enter." the Premier commanded. And the door swung open and entered a young Russian officer that was obviously very nervous.
"Sorry to interrupt your evening Premier, but I am afraid I have some news that can't wait till tomorrow morning's briefing." The young Russian said.
"Of course, of course, come in come in, Comrade. What news is it? Did we have another crushing victory against these weak Americans?" the Premier said overconfidently.
"I wish it was good news, but it isn't. It appears that our nuclear missile facility in Poland has been well destroyed." he said hesitantly.
"What do you mean destroyed?" replied Premier Romanov, no longer in a good mood.
"Well according to the report :
A small commando team, consisting of three members, two female and one male - the male speaking excellent Russian, with a slight Vladivostokan accent - where seen leaving the compound right after the explosions started. The two nuclear missile silos are completely destroyed and the nuclear missiles in side them also, but no radiation has been reported leaking. Also the fuel depot was completely destroyed, taking two squads of rhino tanks with it. The commando squad was engaged in the nearby woods and driven to the river where contact with them was lost as they went upstream. A trap was set at a nearby bridge, but after a heavy bombardment, most likely from British harriers; however, nothing was reported being seen on radar, possibly a new British stealth technology, they where able to get past it in the confusion and contact was then lost for good. One of the guards later upon interview claimed to see a new officer enter the base earlier in the evening. Although, he was suspicious the officer had papers and was allowed to enter. After showing the guard faces of several known commandos, agents, and other American/Allied personnel, the guard claimed the officer resembled American General Adrian Conrad, but his is probably not true as our agents have identified him being in Dresden, Germany.
That was the official report from the highest ranking officer at the base, as it appears that General Zephyr and Colonel Stuut were killed in the explosion, however this is yet to be confirmed.
"You assured me that all of the members of the commando squad were OUR agents, did you not, Comrade Yuri." Premier Romanov yelled while pointing his finger at Yuri.
"No Comrade Premier, I told you that three of the six commandos were under our control the rest were to have been eliminated or captured." Yuri replied.
"Well it appears YOUR agents didn't do their job. And what of this other woman, I recall only ONE being on the mission, also what of this man who appears to look like Conrad." Romanov demanded.
"Apparently we have been betrayed, but by whom I don't know." he replied.
"Perhaps if you spent less time on your silly mind tricks and more time actually doing intelligence gathering this could have been avoided." Romanov said angrily.
"Need I remind you, that the whole of our success so far has been 'mind tricks'." Yuri replied calmly.
"Aaaaaah, enough of this it is giving me a headache, leave me." ordered Romanov. The Yuri and the other officer left as he ordered leaving the Premier to sit at his desk and pass the headache away with another bottle of vodka.

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